Departing Flights

28 10 2009

As time has progressed, this blog, which shares its name with many a thing, has been good to us. The Fabakis banner covers a recording studio, production house, occasionally a sandwich shop and now we’ve filed to become a full-fledged independent record label. Below you’ll find a link that will lead you to the Fabakis Records website, where you can keep up with new happenings and artist signings. We’re currently accepting demo submissions and look forward to showering the blogosphere with our own brand of truly indie music.

Now. Watch some Quaxis videos!


The News: Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You Edition

19 11 2008

sun-kil-moon-aprilarticle-At Aquarium Drunkard, a selection of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan tracks from 1969. AD

-The Associated Press has called the Alaska Senate race for Democratic challenger Mark Begich. Begich beat out convicted felon and soon to be former Senator, Ted Stevens, in a race that came down to roughly 3,000 votes.

-Texas house members spend 140k on lounge renovations. AP

-Senate Democrats allow Joe Lieberman to keep his seat as chair of The Homeland Security Committee.

 Lieberman did surrender his position on the Environment and Public Works Committee, leaving the panel and his subcommittee chairmanship. But he will remain chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and head of the Armed Services subcommittee that oversees air and land power issues.

Listen/Download: (Really…)

Sun Kil Moon-Lost Verses

Sun Kil Moon is largely a solo project by former Red House Painters leader Mark Kozelek. Fyi, the band is named after Korean bantamweight boxer Sung-Kil Moon. I can’t say enough about this song… The lyrics are beautiful and the mix is delicate and balanced. Subtle string crescendos and tambourine hits populate the outer reaches of the mix along with an army of reverb-covered vocals that never seem to fade out.

At the end of the song lies a treat for those who wait. Just before the eight minute mark, a row of electric guitars show up one by one, bringing the opening track to it’s epic end and knees.

The best part of the song, and of the album, is how effortlessly he pulls everything off. Listen to the song. 

Here are the lyrics:

I came out from under her warm sheets
Into the brisk late October
If only for one last hope
I wanted my time with you to be over

I’m staring up into the sky
While all the raining is pouring down
I’m reaching out for your help
But evil beings hold me backwards

All shapes and shadows move in and out
And hover round my bed
Voices arrive and disappear
I want to talk to them

Darkness disintegrates
I’m rising; I’m rising toward a light
A light leading over hills and meadows

I’ve risen up from the dead
With the burning leaves of autumn
If only for one last chance
That all of whom have been defeated
To put on my father’s wool coat
To smell my mother’s fragrances and perfumes
To find my young brothers and sisters
To never leave or let them go

Houses adorned so beautifully
The Marin headlands song
Lost verses well up my eyes and ears
The lone mandolin strums
On Tamalpais warm spring
The many places we
Lay down in sleepy hidden shadows

I see you well and clear
Deep in the moonlight dear
Your radiant august eyes
They are the suns that rise
They are the light that blinds
They end these lost verses

I came up from under the ocean
Evaporated sea salt water
A mist above the skyline
I haunt the streets of San Francisco
Watch over loved ones and old friends
I see them trough their living room windows
Shaken by fear and worries
I want them to know how I love them so
Foghorns would sound in waking
Is it my voice you hear?
Footsteps are moving across the floor
And you know I’m here
The afternoon carries up from the hills and you are well and near
To fall into the light I follow

I feel oh so near
When morning doves appear
And ghosts of April ring
Echo the refrain
Soon finding a place
In these lost verses

They fill the foggy day
They hide the hills away
That steal our time
They are the picturesque night
The casting city lights
On the bay flowing into the ocean glowing

 Oh… Two other songs

The Shirelles-Soldier Boy

A suggested entrance song and a number one song from 1962. 

The Standells- 19th Nervous Breakdown

Los Angeles Garage-Rock from 1966’s Dirty Water.