The News: Seattle Edition

8 02 2009

radiohead-usc-rehearsalReasons to watch the Grammys:

-15 Step w/ a Marching Band 

M.I.A is as due as Snoop Dogg’s homeboys. 

-Radiohead might win… They should 


-I have  never been to Seattle. I spent a week in Vancouver once before a cruise but that’s about the extent of my Pacific Northwest travels. As i do with most things, i happened to stumble over this song this morning. It’s cute, it’s short, it’s to the point. Give it a listen

The Hot Toddies-Seattle

–A list of this years’ winners at the  British Academy Awards. Here

–Wilco’s live concert film, Ashes of American Flags will be released two weeks early to coincide with Record Store Day in an effort to boost the day’s profile and to add to it’s list of exclusive releases. The film was recorded in several different locations including Washington DC! 

–BYT CONCERT COVERAGE FROM 2/3.. photos & reviews

Andrew Bird

Antony & the Johnsons

Passion Pit


–Suresh Joachim has broken his own Guinness world record for nonstop broadcast-television watching, clocking 72 hours in the Swedish capital.

“I feel fine, I drank between 25 and 30 cups of coffee,” Joachim said Sunday.

His previous record was 69 hours, 48 minutes, set in 2005.

Joachim, a Sri Lanka native who lives in Toronto, watched three seasons of the drama series “24” featuring Kiefer Sutherland, said Swedish TV4 spokeswoman Janina Witkowski.

—And to bring the whole world back to a decent level of sadness.. Here’s a song that has been featured at least twice here that just seems to keep coming back up. Perhaps we’re pushing this one  a bit too hard.. There’s just a definite soft spot for bearded, flannel-wearing, singer-songwriters.. 


A Last Note: Monday night is the Pains Of Being Pure at Heart show @ The Cat. You should go.


The News: Snow Edition

27 01 2009

-Wale is back in the studio! DC’s rapper (singular at this point) is apparently working with a star-studded cast of beatmakers including Best Kept Secret, Mark Ronson, Glitch Mob, Cool & Dre, Ryan Leslie, Green Lantern, Sean C and LV. Here’s the kicker, one of the other more notable names working on the album is Dave Sitek, you might know of him, he’s in TV on the Radio. While Sitek has produced albums for numerous artists, he’s never before manned the board for a rapper. Stay tuned for updates.


If anyone would like an intern for their PR company or Recording studio. Look no further. Check the About section for information.

Animal Collective- My Girls


-SNOW! A personal photo from the “porch” of the studio.

Fabakis Playlist: Check it out HERE

or there.

Listen to Soldier On Dear Friend at their Myspace 


p2790_john-elen-High School is bad enough as it is. From the NYT, an article about teenage sex and how the statistics are on the way down. Here 

-DiS goes through Andrew Bird’s latest album, Noble Beast, one track at a time. Here

-Obama’s speechwriter is dating a maxim girl? It’s true. Read more at BYT

-An essay by John Darnielle about his five favorite Mountain Goats characters (this should’ve been posted a long time ago) Here

-Speaking of John Darnielle, he will be embarking on a two-man tour with studio buddy John Vanderslice this spring. As always, it’s best put by the man himself:

“We are going to light out for the Territories in a van with two acoustic guitars, some notebooks, our soundman Brandon and a pouch full of charms against ill omen. We are going to get elemental. We are going to stomp our feet and hammer at the strings until we get what we want from them. We, a couple of guys named John, are going to tour, is what we’re going to do. We’re going to stand alone onstage and play our guitars and sing old songs & new, and then we’ll probably play together. We are going to sit side by side with our acoustic guitars like two out of the five guys on the Five Man Acoustical Jam album, only with fewer Tesla songs. Because the whole point of playing an acoustic guitar is not to unplug. It’s to get raw and draw blood.”


18 – Asheville, NC, the Grey Eagle
20 – Norfolk, VA, the Atticus Theatre
21 – Washington, DC, Sixth and I Synagogue
24 – Northampton, MA, Pearl Street
25 – Somerville, MA, the Sommerville Theatre
27 – New York, NY, the Society for Ethical Culture (part of the Wordless Music series)
29 – Gambier, OH, Kenyon College
30 – Oberlin, OH, Oberlin College
1 – Chicago, IL, Epiphany Episcopal (tickets here)
2 – Champaign, IL, Courtyard Café at University of Illinois
3 – Iowa City, IA, the Mill, Mission Creek Music Festival
4 – Richmond, IN, Earlham College
6 – Bloomington IN, Buskirk-Chumley Theater

The News: This Will Be Our Year Edition

27 01 2009

andrewbird090202_560-A man murders his ex-wife for changing her facebook status to single. Read More

-Star Trek’s creator, Gene Roddenberry, will spend eternity in Space with his wife… The two, both deceased, will have their cremated remains rocketed into orbit in the near future. Read More 

-The Black Lips are full of shit. Well not entirely..  Read More 

PopMatters lists their 25 favorite Motown singles. Here

-Andrew Bird talks influences with NY Mag


Upcoming DC Area Events:

Jan 31st: Lykee LI @ Sixth and I

Feb 3rd: Andrew Bird/Lonely Dear @930 (sold out)

Feb 3rd: Antony & The Johnsons @ Sixth and I

Feb 3rd: Passion Pit @ The Cat

Feb 8th: Cat Power @930 (sold out)


Since WordPress doesn’t allow Imeem playlists to be embedded, check out our new playlist outside the box. 

Check it out HERE

Here’s the actual Playlist. 

1. The Zombies-This Will be Our Year

2. M83-Run into Flowers 

3. The Mountain Goats-Going to Georgia

4. Black Moth- When the Sun Grows On Your Tounge

5. Here We Go Magic-Fangela

6. Animal Collective-Bluish

7. Passion Pit-Sleepyhead

8. MGMT-Time to Pretend 

9. The Rolling Stones-Mercy Mercy

10. Charlie Rich-Who Will the Next Fool Be?

11. The Books-Smells Like Content

12. Horse Feathers- Curs in the Weeds

13. School of Seven Bells- Half Asleep

14. Neil Young-On The Way Home (live @ Sugar Mountain)

15. The Rolling Stones- Stupid Girl

16. Los Campesinos!- Drop it Doe Eyes

17. The Owls- Air

18. Bob Dylan-Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You

The News: SugarCubes Edition

24 01 2009


Stereogum chats with Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown) about his upcoming Swan Lake release. Here 

-DC hookers and cocaine dealers on business spiking for the Inauguration. @ NY MAG

-The AV Club interviews Andrew Bird. Here 

-Get yo self a Jack Kerouac quote at any time of day (there are like eight of them) Here 

JK: Suffice to say I just eat every 12 hours, sleep every 20 hours, masturbate every 8 hours and otherwise just sit on the train and stare ahead without a thought…

-Craig Finn and Tad Kubler’s pre-Hold Steady band Lifter Puller will be putting out an anthology of sorts sometime this year. 

Yo Yo Ma is a sideshow hack… That and it was very windy and cold on Janurary 20th. The song played by the all star quartet at the inauguration was pre-recorded due to the extreme weather and it’s potential effects on the performance.

The News: Armchairs Edition

20 11 2008

artbidencupcakes21 -Joe Biden turns 66 and receives cupcakes from Barack Obama

-Michael Kinsely , a columnist for Time magazine, and an occasional contributor to The Post, writes an op-ed about Obama and smoking titled Let The Guy Smoke. WP

-Just announced… Andrew Bird & Lonely Dear will be playing at the 930 club on February 3rd. The soft sale begins tomorrow at 10 AM. 

story-1-Help pick Salon’s Sexiest Man Living for this year. Of the choices available, it’s a toss up between Tom Colicchio and Ezra Koenig. 

-Mayor apologizes for kids “Assasinate Obama” chant. IS

-Soaring costs for the inauguration could break the bank for D.C. EX

-On New Year’s Day, Wu-Tang Clan featuring Raekwon • Ghostface • Inspectah Deck • RZA • GZA • Masta Killa with Cappadonna and DJ Mathematics will be at the 930 club.

story-Prop 8 hits high courts. LAT

-Al Qaeda hits Obama with racial slurs. Reuters

-Ryan Adams hits out at The Killers and R.E.M. RS lists their Top 50 hip-hop producers. AC

-New Eels track “Man Up” hits myspace. check it out

2597339534_a00791909b-Blink 182’s members have reconnected. According to Mark Hoppus, the recent death of producer Jerry Finn and Travis Barker’s plane crash brought the three back together. While this doesn’t necessarily mean a reunion, the fact that they’re all talking is a step in the right direction. “We’re just reconnecting as friends after four years of not talking,” he says. “It’s a good thing. Obviously the first question for a lot of people will be, ‘Does this mean a Blink-182 reunion?’ The answer is none of us know. We haven’t talked about it at all. Right now it’s just good for the three of us to see one another, reconnect and let the past be the past.” The band’s last show was Dec. 16, 2004, in Dublin.


-Radiohead will tour in 2009 beginning in Mexico! More dates eventually… Spring break?

Cabeza del Radio:

03-15 Mexico City, Mexico – Foro Sol
03-16 Mexico City, Mexico – Foro Sol
03-27 Santiago, Chile – San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium (Cristal en Vivo Festival)

The News: Shatner, Steak and Eggs and Hot Tubs!

6 10 2008

As you prepare yourself for the working week, take a deep breath. After your moment of zen, read this and watch that. Fear is a man’s best friend…

Listen/Download: john cale-fear is a man’s best friend

-Senator Joe Biden’s Mother-in-law dies at age 78.

Bonny Jean Jacobs, 78, the mother-in-law of Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic vice presidential nominee, died this afternoon after a long illness, according to a spokesman for the Biden campaign.

Mr. Biden has canceled all campaign appearances Monday and Tuesday to be with his wife, Jill Jacobs Biden, and their families.

-Spermicidal Coke, stale chips research wins Ig Nobels. Read more at Reuters

-Kanye West’s Curb Your Enthusiasm style show has been shelved by HBO. Read more at RS

-From the NY Daily News, another article about Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. 

Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan will make premiere on BET on November 13th before being released on DVD on the 18th. Here’s a recent picture of the group:

-Greg Kot writes about the resurgence of vinyl sales in a digital world in his Chicago Tribune blog Turn It Up.

-Andrew Bird!!!

On the right side of our page is our own blog-roll. This is a place where we list a few websites that we like that we think you should see. One of them is the Measure for Measure NY Times music blog, here artists like Andrew Bird discuss what goes into making an album. He’s been talking up his latest creation, a song called “Oh No” that was just released. Here’s what he had to say about it on his blog.

“I’m especially happy with how “Oh No” — the song I introduced in my first post — turned out, now that I’ve sat on it for a few weeks. When the drums switch from the rumbly toms to the tight “Fleetwood Mac-style” beat and we sing “Oh no, you’re deep in a mine,” I can’t help but jog in place and pump my fists — a response preferable to scrutinizing how my voice goes a little flat on the third bar of the verse. And isn’t it great that a song about crippling self-repression and the envy of childhood expressions of fear and sorrow can be so joyous?”

So now onto more Andrew Bird news. The previously mentioned, “Oh No”, will appear on his new album Noble Beast. The record will come out via Fat Possum on January 27th. Bird will be playing some solo shows, along with tomorrow’s  All-Star Obama Benefit. Below, you’ll find the track-listing for Noble Beast and some newly announced tour dates. Enjoy! 


Noble Beast:

01 Oh No
02 Masterswarm
03 Fitz and the Dizzyspells
04 Effigy
05 Tenuousness
06 Nomenclature
07 Not a Robot, But a Ghost
08 Anonanimal
09 Natural Disaster
10 Confess
11 Souverian
12 On Ho!

Andrew Bird:
10-6 New York, NY – Hiro Ballroom
10-7 New York, NY – Hiro Ballroom
10-7 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg (“Barack Rock”)
10-8 Portsmouth, NH – The Music Hall (solo show)
10-9 Albany, NY – The Egg (solo show)
10-10 Northampton, MA – Calvin Theatre (solo show)
10-19 Los Angeles, CA – Largo at The Coronet (solo show)
10-20 Los Angeles, CA – Largo at The Coronet (solo show)

Stream: “Oh No” by Andrew Bird here.

The News: The Love you till Tuesday Edition

30 09 2008

I stopped smoking, atleast for awhile. I actually ran three miles today. She didn’t.

And here’s the news!

-Shearwater will be releasing a seven track EP titled, The Snow Leopard, on October 14th. The day after it’s release they’ll be playing at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage! ITS FREE!!! Anyways, the album will feature it’s title-track, live cuts of a few familiar songs and some b-sides. 

-In the New York Times, West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin writes about a ficitional meeting of minds between presidential hopeful Barack Obama and the West Wing’s outgoing President Bartlett. Read More

-Read about what happens when we die in Time Magazine’s online edition.

– AC/DC will not sell their album on Itunes. Angus Young was quoted as saying, “We don’t make singles, we make albums.” Well put sir.

-If you haven’t heard the new AC/DC single, watch their music video here:

-It’s been nine or so days since Travis Barker survived a jet crash that killed four other people. Yesterday he was released from a Georgia hospital where he received treatment for his third degree burns. DJ AM, who was also onboard the plane, left the hospital late last week. Reports claim that a blow tire was to blame for the fiery crash.



Andrew Bird-Fiery Crash


-778 points in a day… Read more

-From’s Five things

Sep 29th, 2008 | NEW YORK — Tenants of a Brooklyn building said their landlord came up with a new idea for how to kick them out: Let the smell of the cats out of the bag. Dead cats, that is.

The stench from the carcasses did catch the tenants’ attention — but they stayed and sued.

One tenant, Daisy Terry, told a City Hall news conference on Sunday it was so bad she had to hold her nose coming down the stairs.

The building in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood was purchased last year by a company listed in court papers as Heskel. A call to Heskel Properties in Manhattan was not immediately returned.

Terry said the landlord used the dead cats to try to push out rent-stabilized tenants.


Senate Passes Anti-Piracy Measure; Civil Enforcement Omitted

The US Senate passed an anti-piracy measure on Friday, one that calls for increased enforcement measures on intellectual property infringement.  The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Act of 2008 (S3325) mirrors a similar measure recently passed in the House of Representatives, with important modifications.  The measure calls for the placement of a cabinet-level, piracy “czar,” though it stops short of authorizing governmental involvement in civil infringement matters.

That was strongly rejected by the US Department of Justice, which protested the use of government attorneys for essentially private disputes.  The DOJ refused to supply “pro bono lawyers for private copyright holders regardless of their resources,” and subsequently won removal of the provision.  

Despite the pushback, the recording industry expressed enthusiasm.  “At a critical economic juncture, this bipartisan legislation provides enhanced protection for an important asset that helps lead our global competitiveness,” said RIAA chairman and chief executive Mitch Bainwol. The bill now heads back to the House for expected approval. S3325


And that’s the news for today… 

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