Record Review: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- S/T

6 02 2009

148850tpobph_394The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart 

[Slumberland Records; 2009]

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The indie music scene has hit us with some pretty awful and cringe-inducing band names, none of which seem come close to The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart.. A band name so awful that it gets people talking. Fortunately for POBPAH, their music is infectious enough to let the poor choice of name slide.

thepainsofbeingpureatheartshot_03_006The record is only thirty four minutes long, perhaps the perfect length. None of the album feels like filler, the songs are both short and appropriate. Some might find the whole idea, that being the name and the rather dream-pop like style of songs like “Stay Alive” a bit much for their taste. I will say this.. I spent a lot of my high school years in total, wet-dream love with The Cure which might explain my love for this album. Do you know what that does to a kid? It sets him/her up for years of emotional scrutiny, visible vulnerability and an uneasy amount of wavering attention deficit disorder. 

and back to the album…


At times, the production can get unbearable. Some of the songs get a little to close to sounding like the theme song to a hip 90’s teen tv show. However, the majority of the album is filled with hooky pop songs that flirt with the shoegaze genre. This album is immediately enjoyable, a feat that is both rare and unexpected. It’s filled with cute lines like:


You’re taking toffee with your vicodin, something sweet to forget about him

All ten of the songs are filled with the type of hooks that grab the listener and shake them about. They’re infectious so get infected. They cite influences like The Pastels and The Ramones. They play songs that sound like The Cure mixed with a little Jesus and Mary Chain and even like The Replacements at their poppiest. (sp?) It’s fun! It’s a pop record. They should be given the kind of clearance that we gave Robert Smith for the better part of decade.POBPAH are going to be huge. MTV 2 here they come. After they put out three mediocre records we’re all going to look back and admire the craftsmanship of songs like “This Love is Fucking Right” and swoon. Let this record play over and over again in the bedroom that you spent your high school years in. Think about the happy days that were the 10th grade. Sitting in class in the afternoon, half-asleep, arms crossed over your Biology book, wondering what you were going to do with your friends after school let out. 


Wear your tattered emotions on your sleeve, see POBPAH before they become everyone else’s favorite band.

Fabakis Rating: 9.1


Everything With You 




4 responses

13 02 2009

What are your thoughts about “this love is #^$*$ right” A whole song dedicated to sleeping with his sister. Man that is some jacked up stuff. Ironically not very “pure at heart”

17 02 2009

I mean, while the song does explicitly state, “Your my sister, and this love is fucking right” i think it’s not to be taken literally. However, incestuous relationships seem very popular on the internet these days so maybe they’re just cashing in on it. Who knows…

11 05 2009
6 07 2009

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