Pitchfork is Down!

29 01 2009

UPDATE: At 3:29 PM…

Pitchfork is back online!

After several weeks of intermittent service, it appears that Pitchfork has gone down. Upon entering the URL, I encountered a “Not Found! 6” message.. Maybe someone unplugged something, or perhaps it was simple overload of the server. Whatever the case, the music world can only hope and pray for a safe and fast recovery. Just so you know, 

What will the world do without Pitchfork? 

*Potential Reasons Why Pitchfork is Down*


-Someone spotted Jeff Magnum

-Brooklyn/Chicago/Manhattan are on fire

-Carles took out Ryan Schrieber (sp?)

-My girls? More like “my hurls”… … …

-The staff are celebrating Sacha Distel’s 76th birthday/listening to the Here We Go Magic album in the dark and deciding on it’s rating.. I’m guessing that the number being floated around are 7.6 and  8.9.


Please note: Pitchfork TV is still up and running, you can check that out here.


So if you need to waste those ten minutes at the office, or in your basement, here is a list of other decent music sites to read today. Check it out after the jump. Enjoy!















Brightest Young Things (not necessarily about music)


An Aquarium Drunkard 

Wired’s Listening Post Blog

Gorilla vs. Bear

Dancing about Architecture 

The New York Rock Market

You Aint No Picasso


These should keep you busy for at least five minutes a piece.


If not…

The Mountain Goats-Going to Georgia 

The Hold Steady-Cheyenne Sunrise 


BMSR-Sun Lips




One response

29 01 2009
New York Rock Market

Thanks for the link to the blog and the new Hold Steady vid! Also, I would really, really, really like to see Carles fight anyone at Pitchfork. That’s a great idea. Someone should arrange that.

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