The News: SugarCubes Edition

24 01 2009


Stereogum chats with Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown) about his upcoming Swan Lake release. Here 

-DC hookers and cocaine dealers on business spiking for the Inauguration. @ NY MAG

-The AV Club interviews Andrew Bird. Here 

-Get yo self a Jack Kerouac quote at any time of day (there are like eight of them) Here 

JK: Suffice to say I just eat every 12 hours, sleep every 20 hours, masturbate every 8 hours and otherwise just sit on the train and stare ahead without a thought…

-Craig Finn and Tad Kubler’s pre-Hold Steady band Lifter Puller will be putting out an anthology of sorts sometime this year. 

Yo Yo Ma is a sideshow hack… That and it was very windy and cold on Janurary 20th. The song played by the all star quartet at the inauguration was pre-recorded due to the extreme weather and it’s potential effects on the performance.




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