Dear Jay Bennett

27 12 2008

Mr. Bennett, 

Your new album is a lovely, stripped-down affair that impressively shows off your talents as a songwriter. I’ve enjoyed the album for the past month or so, but i kept thinking to myself, “Where are the mellotrons and the walls of feedback?” It’s not that I didn’t like it, or that i thought that you needed it, because the songs do stand alone brilliantly, but I wondered what the songs would sound like with those sonic landscapes weaving in and out of them. 

So while listening to the album, i started jotting down notes and comments like, “i think a synth line would be nice here” and decided to put one in. Upon importing “I’ll Decorate My Love” into Cubase, I found myself adding drums, guitars, pianos, organs and some panned conet recordings. Before i knew it, i’d turned the two tracks of guitars and vocals into about 25, filled with all sorts of things. If you’re interested, here’s an mp3 of the first half of your song, “I’ll Decorate My Love”, with a little touch of the old Jay Bennett, ca. 1998-2004. If you’d ever like to collaborate you should let me know.

Listen/Download: I’ll Decorate My Love (Fabakis Version)




One response

2 01 2009
Jay Bennett

If you’d ever like to collaborate you should let me know?—from what I’ve heard so far….maybe yes….how do I get a hold of you?

Love, Jay

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