The News: Poultry Slam Edition

1 12 2008

Welcome to the working week… December begins and holiday spending is up! 

Monday-Vampire Weekend @ 930 Club (sold out)

Tuesday-Stella @ Sixth and I Synagogue 

Wednesday-Yeasayer & Chairlift @ Sixth and I Synagogue

Thursday-The Office?

Friday- Lupe Fiasco @ UMD

pc-maddow-Home Visit: Soup With Prince TNY

-Salon offers it’s 2008 gift guide! Each day a different person will be covered, ranging from the foodie to the gadget-guru. Check it out Here

-How Axl Rose Spent All That Time..  NYT

Mr. Rose, 46, the only remaining original member of Guns N’ Roses, needed 17 years, more than $13 million (as of 2005) and a battalion of musicians, producers and advisers to deliver “Chinese Democracy,” the first album of new Guns N’ Roses songs since 1991.

-Chuck Klosterman reviews the new Guns N’ Roses album for A.V Club

-Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas at AD

-When Right is Left! Rachel Maddow comes out on top. NW 

 It’s not despite her differences from other talking heads, but because of them. A funny, cerebral and likable young woman who reads graphic novels and hungers for political change is more representative of the times than the older, angrier male pundits who’ve dominated the debate for so long. Maddow is not angry—her fans find her adorable, often confessing to crushes on her—but she is anxious, driven and determined. She did not stumble into a boys’ club. She elbowed her way in, smiling. 

The 2008 Rolling Stone Hot List:

Because instant gratification and the celebration of mediocrity are such important values to today’s Rolling Stone Readers.

The 2008 Hot List

Hot Actor | Robert Pattinson

Hot Band Everyone Wants to Be In | MGMT

Hot Gossip Girl | Leighton Meester

Hot Beatle Progeny | Dhani Harrison

Hot Bombshell | Odette Yustman

Hot Rock Gods in Training | The Answer

Hot Production Duo | S*A*M and Sluggo

Hot Scary Sport | Scary Sport

Hot New Winona Ryders | Olivia Thirlby, Emma Stone, Hannah Bailey, Ellen Page, Kat Dennings

Hot Cast | Sean Penn and the Actors of Milk

Hot Rock Scene | Laurel Canyon

Hot Movie Drama | Where The Wild Things Are

Hot Biopic | Notorious

Hot Male Mood | Beta Macho

Hot Bedroom Trend | Green Sex Toys

Hot Comeback | Mickey Rourke

Hot International Crisis | U.S. Stars Losing Gossip Battle to Shameless Brit Girls

Hot Job | Denim Butler

Hot Multipurpose Drug | Ambien

Hot Scene-Stealer | Danny McBride of HBO’s Eastbound and Down

Hot Sci-Fi Beyoncé | Janelle Monáe

Hot “Safe” Drug | 2C-B

Hot Sort-Of Sequel | Russell Brand’s Aldous Snow

Hot Rocker Job | Bimbos Cantina

Hot Backlash | Michael Cera, Funny or Die, Auto-Tune

Hot Cultural Barometer | Drew Barrymore’s Lusty Heart

Hot Porn Star | Sasha Grey

Hot Creature | Werewolf

Hot Geek Angst | Watchmen Worry

Hot Folkie | Bon Iver

Hot Box | Death by Audio

Hot Revival | Drum Circles

Hot Star Magnet | Sam Spiegel




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