Stuff Hipsters Like Part VIII

21 11 2008



It’s time for another look into the hipster culture! This is part VIII of our ongoing article, Stuff Hipsters Like, where we mention things of particular importance to the everyday hipster. Today we tackle all things ethnic. 

Whether it’s sampling odds and ends in the neighborhood or donning a keffiyeh, hipsters love all things ethnic. They certainly love those AZNs and they have an equally proportionate amount of love for anything else that can be buzz-worded and or be deemed ironic. As seen in places like Hipster Runoff in their article, What would U do if U bought an AZN?, the ethnic craze is well under-way. 

thaichickennoodlesoup2When did the world’s fascination with ethnicity begin? Perhaps we should all turn to Matthew Perry for the answer. When we say Matthew Perry, we are referring to Commodore Matthew Perry… This all dates back to 1852 and you can wikipedia it. When in conversation, typical things that you might hear are: Blipster(s), concious hip-hop, Vietnamese Vegan Chicken soup, Luaka Bop, Tom-Yum, Cowry shells, and be sure to nod when Mangoes are mentioned.

Hipsters will continue to feast on ethnic food and to listen to ethnic music as long as they’re around. Grab your thai chicken satay and throw on something from the Luaka Bop label. 




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