The News: The Mess Inside Edition

10 11 2008

-Help Salon decide who this year’s sexiest man alive is. Contribute to Society!

Last year Jon Hamm, aka Don Draper from Mad Men was crowned. The year before that it was Stephen Colbert. Who should it be this year? We’ve got a few good men lined up. 

Spencer Krug– Singer and songwriter from Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and Frog Eyes.


Rahm Emmanuel-Newly appointed Chief of Staff in the Obama White House













Glenn Kotche- He’s too good to be true. He has taste, style and is massively under appreciated. What’s not to love?

Kotche, Glenn















Ira Glass– This American Life… Those Glasses… And someone got a tattoo of him. 













-The Washington Post’s Sunday Source remembers the good old days when only Cher used auto-tune. Here

-My Secret Playlist, the worst name for a website, compiles musicians’ favorite songs and albums. Here

-Billboard/Reuters talk about Andrew Bird’s new album. Read More

-Jay Bennett is working on THREE new albums. First off, see a list of what he actually played on YHF. Here

He’s also relocated his studio from Chicago to Urbana if anyone cares.

Pie Holden Studios

And an email from Jay to his fans:

-That’s right, I’ll be releasing three new records in the upcoming month I’ve just finished writing and recording a new solo record, to be called “Kicking at the Perfumed Air.” Also, during the move I came across some half-finished material by my previous band, Titanic Love Affair. Not only did this lead to reconnecting with “the original cast” of TLA, but these songs left us wondering why they never made it on earlier albums. We’re going to change that, as we’ve now finished a whole album’s worth of “new” TLA songs. And finally, I’ll be reuniting on record with my longtime musical collaborator, Edward Burch, on a 6 song EP “Tribute to a Tribute” to Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds.



The Mountain Goats-The Mess Inside




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10 11 2008

anna and i vote spencer by a longshot.

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