The Mountain Goats @ The 930 Club

9 11 2008


Reasons why The Mountain Goats show was great:

-He played a song from the perspective of Toad

-He covered Morrissey

-He played “The Mess Inside” in one of his two encores. Did I mention that the previously mentioned song would be the amazing as a Hold Steady cover? Imagine a bit of “Killer Parties” with it and it really comes to life.

For the first time in recorded history, I spent the show in the balcony. It was a lovely switch from my previous shows at 930 minus the whole coffee bar situation. Shouting and dancing at The Hold Steady, contemplating existence with Okkervil River and the best was trying to get it on in a sea of Chuck Brown fans. 

Kaki King was a delightful and talkative opening act. My only real problem with her was her incredibly childish voice. That being said, she is an incredibly talented musician and songwriter. They played 5 or 6 songs together, mostly from their collaborative Black Pear Tree EP. When The Mountain Goats took the stage, screams of “I Love You” and “No Children” were quickly yelled out. John Darnielle is a special individual, he is both hilarious and honest. The set was filled with most of The Black Pear Tree EP, a few off of Heretic Pride and then other assorted songs from the past. I myself had hoped to hear “Get Lonely”, “Jenny” and “Against Pollution” but i managed…  

He brought the house down at least twelve times and managed to get me to tear up for quick moment. No one saw it but i did have a cup ready to hold the tears if they had come in large enough amounts.

Set List


Have to Explode
Heretic Pride
Moon over Golsboro
Pigs that Ran Straightaway into the Water, Triumph of
New Zion
Transjordanian Blues (1 verse)
It Froze Me
Here I Am

Thank You Mario but Our Princess is in Another Castle
Black Pear Tree
Mosquito Repellent
Bring Our Curses Home

Sept 15 1983
International Small Arms Traffic Blues
In the Craters on the Moon
This Year

Dance Music
No Children
Going to Georgia

Mess Inside




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