The News: The President-Elect Edition

5 11 2008

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama. We now know that The Republican Party only exists in Churches and diners in the Southern states. 

A Fun comparison:

Obama- 7.3 million advantage in the popular vote (349)

Clinton- 8.2 million advantage in the popular vote (379)

Reagan (1st term)-8.4 million advantage in the popular vote (489)

20070822obama1Shortly after 11 PM, the Republican party candidate John Mccain conceded to a sea of boo-ing, and later chants of “Sarah”. In a predicted victory, Barack Obama not only won the swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio but he also won former red states like Virginia. After giving his victory speech in Grant Park, Obama and his team began the long transition process. He’s got 76 days to put together a cabinet that will advise and help him through the next four years. Already, a few potential cabinet members and senior official names have been mentioned in relation to Obama. Lastly, of the nearly 8,000 administration jobs filled by presidential appointees, 1,177 of them will  require Senate confirmation.

Representative and the fourth-highest ranking house Democrat Rahm Emmanuel has accepted the offer to be Obama’s Chief of Staff. Representative Rahm Emmanuel has been mentioned as a possible Chief of Staff, while Bill Richardson and John Kerry are potential Secretary of State choices. 

The “Obama-Biden Transition Project” will be led by former White House chief of staff John D. Podesta; Obama friend and senior campaign adviser Valerie Jarrett; and Pete Rouse, Obama’s former Senate chief of staff and top campaign aide. Obama will operate out of two offices in Chicago and Washington D.C.  He’ll also have a similar web-presence at The transition co-chairs will work with an advisory board stacked with Clinton veterans and Obama and Joe Biden allies and confidants. On the list: former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Carol Browner; Obama friend and former Commerce Secretary William Daley, University of California-Berkeley law school dean Christopher Edley; Obama law school friends and advisers Michael Froman and Julius Genachowski; former Gore domestic policy adviser Donald Gips; Governor Janet Napolitano; former transportation secretary Federico Peña; Obama national security adviser Susan Rice and Sonal Shah of Mark Gitenstein, and Ted Kaufman will serve as co-chairs for Biden’s own transition team.

Here’s a 3D map of Obama’s victory




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