Stuff Hipsters Like: The Halloween Edition!

31 10 2008

It’s that time of year and it’s that time of the month. Halloween is a gateway holiday, and it’s also an excuse for hipsters everywhere to dress up. The typical hipster outfit consists of a tight-fitting shirt and jeans, a sweater, and any number of accessories including but not limited to glasses, a walkman and or a messenger bag. While the Reagan/Nixon mask has gone out of fashion, there are still many fun options for hipsters this holiday. 

For those who aren’t of the hipster breed and who are planning on being a hipster for halloween, you’ll need any number of the following things:

A Beard, cocaine, skinny jeans, PBR, cigarettes, fixie bike, neon colored something, money clip, cardigan, Converse shoes, Vinyl Upsetters record, coffee mug, Keffiyeh, and angst. Oh, and lose twenty pounds immediately…

Here are my predictions for this year’s most popular hipster halloween costumes:

G. Gordon Liddy

A Super-delegate 

A member of Death Cab For Cutie supporting Barack Obama (HipsterRunoff)

Andy Warhol

Will Bailey

Lil Wayne or T-Pain

Any animal-based indie music act (Panda Bear, Deer[hoof or hunter] SeaWolf, Bird, an unnamed member of Animal Collective, 


Be sure to check out the American Apparel Halloween Costume Contest below.

The American Apparel Halloween Costume Contest

Expect three new things that hipsters like next Friday. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Fabakis Blog every day for music and news. 




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