The News: The Freddie Edition

29 10 2008

-Drawings under the influence of LSD. Here

-Five reasons why you should’ve seen Jay Reatard last night. Here

-An Ohio man shot and wounded a teen over a Mccain sign. 

-EMI reported a £757 loss (1.2 billion). That’s a lot of money… Read More 

-Wilco have already recorded demos for a new album and are heading into their Chicago studio, the Loft, this month to start recording and production. “Sonically it’s going to be a much wilder, much more unexpected record,” says guitarist Nels Cline. “There’s going to be too much to choose from. Right now it’s an embarrassment of riches, for sure.” I can’t wait, and no one leaked the demos. 

-Stream the recent Elephant Six collective show via NPR.

-Watch Part two of Pitchfork TV’s In the Studio with Deerhunter. Here

Part two of’s look at the making of Microcastle is up today. This episode shows the creation of “Saved by Old Times”. Cole Alexander of the Black Lips contributes vocals to the track via ichat (he also sends a dirty photo, prankster that he is, so this one might be NotSafeFofWork) in what could well be the first intercontinental recording collaboration. We also learn that Bradford Cox does a pretty fair impression of the B-52’s Fred Schneider.

-Freddie Ljunberg, two time Swedish player of the year, and two-time league winner with Arsenal, will join the Seattle Sounders in the MLS. The midfielder was dropped in the first year of a four year contract with West Ham United recently and will serve as Seattle’s “designated player”.


Check out Soldier on Dear Friend’s MYSPACE




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