The News: The Autumn Sweater Edition

20 10 2008

Today in History:

1882: Bela Lugosi was born 

1902: Tom Dowd was born

1971: Snoop Dogg was birthed 

1977: A plane carrying Lynyrd Skynyrd crashed in Mississippi, killing three members of the band, their road manager and the two pilots.

-Stone Age Stoner? r-e-a-d m-o-r-e

-Pandora axes 14 percent of it’s workforce due to the weak advertising climate. Read more

-DC’s own Julie Ocean have called it quits. The reason you ask? Singer/guitarist Jim Spellman, of CNN taser fame, will be relocating to Denver to pursue his career with CNN. The remaining members of the band will find jobs somehow, it’s not like their qualified or anything. They’ve been parts of bands like Velocity Girl, Glo-Worm, Swiz, Weatherhead, and Dischord acts the High Back Chairs and Severin. Even without Julie Ocean and Georgie James, the DC indie scene presses forward with bands like These United States, Shirk, Bellman Barker, Girl Loves Distortion, and a few others. 

Here’s a collection of news clippings/websites:

Aquarium Drunkard



The Washington Post

-John Cusack talks to The Independent. 

-PopMatters reviews W.

-In Defense of Piracy! Read More

A new generation has been inspired to create in a way our generation could not imagine. And tens of thousands, maybe millions, of “young people” again get together to sing “the songs of the day or the old songs” using this technology. Not on corner streets, or in parks near their homes. But on platforms like YouTube, or MySpace, with others spread across the world, whom they never met, or never even spoke to, but whose creativity has inspired them to create in return. The return of this “remix” culture could drive extraordinary economic growth, if encouraged, and properly balanced. It could return our culture to a practice that has marked every culture in human history — save a few in the developed world for much of the 20th century — where many create as well as consume. And it could inspire a deeper, much more meaningful practice of learning for a generation that has no time to read a book, but spends scores of hours each week listening, or watching or creating, “media.”

-Ryan Adams in NYC on Halloween? Scary

-The (EX) biggest heroin dealer in the whole wide world. Here

Shows this Week:


Benjy Ferree @ The Cat Backstage


Ben Kweller @ The Rock and Roll Hotel

The New Year @ DC9


Minus The Bear/Annuals @ 930 (5:30pm)

Broken Social Scene/Land of Talk @ The State Theatre

Aretha Franklin @ DAR

A Place to Bury Strangers @ 930 (9:45pm)


The Rosebuds @ The Cat


Born Ruffians @ The Rock and Roll Hotel


MIRAH @ The Cat 


Deerhoof @ 930 Club

Magnetic Fields @ Lisner Auditorium 






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