Stuff Hipsters Like Part VI

17 10 2008

It’s time for another look into the hipster culture! This is part VI of our ongoing article, Stuff Hipsters Like, where we mention three things of particular importance to the everyday hipster. Today we tackle fixed-gear bikes, cigarettes and not working (Hipster Work Ethic). What a combination!


16. Fixed Gear Bikes

The name pretty much describes the product. (If only that were true in all aspects of life) If you ride one of these low-cost, low-maintenance bikes you become a “fixie”. So unlike standard 18 or 21 speed bikes, fixed-gear models have pedals chained directly to the rear wheel. To stop, you simply slow down well in advance, or stand on the pedals with enough force to skid to a stop. The removal of the brakes and gears makes the bike lighter and cheaper than normal bikes, cheap enough for a hipster. They’ve embraced the bike, ironically, as a means of transportation due to the fact that cars just aren’t realistic in a city setting; the hipster had to adapt somehow. Watch out for these bikes and their associated riders, they’re a little hard to stop sometimes. If there’s a gallery party or a monosyllabic coffee shop opening, stay clear and avoid major streets.

17. Cigarettes

Cigarettes are a necessary and important part of the hipster outfit. What the fuck else are you supposed to do with your hands? While it’s debatable which cigarette brand is the best-selling amongst hipsters, each and every brand has an argument. It really comes down to the type of hipster that is smoking the cigarette. The dirty/natural hipster probably smokes a combination of American Spirits or Parliaments, while the middle of the road hipster lights up a pack of Marlboro smokes. Camels, Newports, really any brand is acceptable and equally viewed in the eyes of a hipster though. Oh, and don’t forget about cloves. Cloves, also known as Kreteks, or those cinnamon-y smelling cigarettes, are also very popular amongst hipsters due to their being different and bothersome to other people. Never the less, hipsters don’t care if you don’t like their habit, they’re doing it for a combination of the fashion, the buzz or need to do something with their hands in public.



18. The Hipster Work Ethic

Work is not a necessary nor important part of the hipster life. To the hipster, work is an out of date notion that is near and dear to the older generation’s collective heart. Besides, there are a lot of things that the typical hipster must do on a daily basis that would interfere with a normal work schedule. For instance, he or she must get up and stroll down the street sporting their keffiyeh for coffee every early afternoon. Then, this adventure is followed by lunch at one of two different locations, the first being a fancy sandwich place and the other being a cheap hot dog stand. Money is a tough thing to pin down in terms of it’s importance to a hipster. One on hand, hipsters enjoy things like expensive coffee/food and material items. On the other hand, hipsters enjoy the PBR and Parliament way of life, the simple way of life. While they don’t work, they do have hobbies and ambitions (Only Ironically). Occasionally when asked about his or her ambitions, a hipster might say, “I’ve been working on a science-fiction novel for about four years now.” So, we’ve now learned that hipsters will do anything to avoid work, unless it’s ironic work.

Thanks for coming back for another edition of Stuff Hipsters Like. Stuff Hipsters Like is a recurring feature on the Fabakis blog every Friday. 

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