The News: The Team Tobey Edition

16 10 2008

-Barack Obama won another debate. (3-0) 58 percent of viewers in a CNN poll agreed that Barack Obama was the better performer in yesterday’s debate.

-Salon reviews Rocknrolla. Read more

-Joel and Ethan Coen talk to The Independent.

Billboard runs through the latest Cure album.

-Kill Bill O’Reilly? The group The East Coast Avengers have written a song that literally details killing Bill O’Reilly. This song is a lot of fun and perhaps a bit much. Listen to it HERE 

Read some of the lyrics:

“I’d like you to get your mouth off of that conservative cock, long enough to sit and talk it out

Scratch that, let’s back track and stalk your house, knock you out gag your mouth, drag you out..

-Fuck making fun of you in punch-lines i’d rather kill your family in front of you by lunchtime…

-Check out M.I.A vs Pitchfork in an interview conducted a little bit ago at the Diesel Party she performed at. There’s the confirmation of her pregnancy, disgust and a protege. Since Pitchfork’ embed codes don’t work… Watch it >




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