Kanye West-Heartless

16 10 2008

-From an album whose main character is the auto-tune feature on a sequencer, here’s a preview of the 2nd single from Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreak. This is the full-length, unmastered version of the song, courtesy of his own blog. Sorry Kanye, I just don’t get it. And remember,  not everyone can be T-Pain. 




If i may be so bold… I know that the song is unmastered, but it needs some work.

Here are some suggestions:

-The snare sound reminds me of the sound of a paper plate hitting a picnic table

-The kick drum gets lost in the mix

-Speed up the tempo and take out all of the piano tracks.

-Add tasteful handclapping 8th notes in the chorus

-Female Singer Needed

-Incorporate the female singer create a plot around her. A sort of back and forth bit.

-Add a car crash noise to the end of the song.

Potential Pitchfork Rating for 808’s and Heartbreak…. 4.9




One response

16 10 2008

Oh my god. My hopes for this album have just been shot down. Well done Kanye, you’ve thrown yourself into the autotune world. I’ll see you when you decide to be yourself again.

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