Woody Allen’s Asian Problem: Re-Post From Saturday

14 10 2008

While perusing the net for interesting reading, i stumbled across a PopMatters.com article that was titled, Woody Allen’s Asian Problem. This led me to investigate the article and figure out exactly what problem Woody, if i can call him that, had with the Asians. 

“Hollywood has rarely offered Asians opportunities to be anything other than karate heroes, geishas, wartime prostitutes, or sinister “yellow peril” villains.” 

Not from Woody, but from the author of the article, it’s a true statement. With China’s rising profile on the international stage, why is it that we haven’t yet seen Asians make their way into Woody Allen Movies? There was the oriental herbalist who gave Farrow some advice in the film Alice, but other than that, the Asian has rarely progressed past the level of “Extra” in a film.  

Perhaps his wife, the Asian Soon-Yi Previn, has had something to do with this. The irony of the title, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, not lost on me or the author of the article might be a nod to his wife’s race. Maybe we’re looking into it too much… Enjoy your Saturday and read the article from PopMatters HERE!




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