The News: The Jeff Mangum Edition

14 10 2008

The man, the myth, the legend… Lumberjack-style Jeff.

-Via Stereogum, a NEW Robyn Hitchcock track! Listen

NPR is streaming Of Montreal’s recent 930 club performance.

-From Vice, not us, an interview for the masses. Read the article My Coke Dealer here

-A short interview between The Independent and CSS can be found Here.

-Kevin Keegan is sueing Newcastle 9 million (enter pound symbol). 

-The 2008 Smart List… According to Read more

Dear President _________, 
Congratulations! Now brace yourself for an avalanche of advice — from the 21 people in your Cabinet, from dozens of advisory councils, hundreds of members of Congress, thousands of lobbyists and pundits, and millions of voters. Everyone’s got an opinion on what needs to be done. But the policies that emerge from such groupthink tend to be weird mashups of conflicting interests or warmed-over slabs of conventional wisdom. Enough of that. The country needs fresh directions and crisp action plans on intractable issues like climate change, energy, security, and defense. To help shape your thinking, we’ve come up with a Smart List of 15 Wired people with big ideas about how to fix the things that need fixing. Hail to the new chief — and please listen up

-Nets will be added below the Golden Gate Bridge to help prevent suicide attempts.

-The NBA announced that it was cutting 80 jobs in the United States due to economic downturn.




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