The News: The Mousetrap Edition

13 10 2008

Some News and links for your Columbus Day viewing pleasure.

-Reggae legend Alton Ellis dies at 70. Read more

Billboard interview former Clash drummer Topper Headon.

-State interviews Bon Iver.. Read More

-In Bad times there are good prices. From the NY Times, the cost of entertainment in New York City.

-Do you think that you’re a multi-tasker? You’re not… Read more

-Barack Obama on unplugging, recharging and quitting smoking. Read

-From’s listening post blog, a chart and bit about songs on youtube for Barack Obama.


“ObamaSongs” painstakingly tracked down precisely 800 songs about Barack Obama from the wilds of YouTube and assembled into a single collection for easy viewing.

The chart to the right shows that whoever is responsible for this found more songs closer to the election, which makes sense.

Because nobody has the time to plow through hundreds of songs about Barack Obama in one sitting, even on a Friday, “ObamaSongs” courteously created a137-song playlist of his favorites.

This got us wondering: which candidate has a stronger YouTube presence? A search for “McCain song” pulled up about 15,200 videos, while a search for“Obama song” returned around 49,700 videos.

See Also: 

In the Washington Post, an article about independent film. Read

Opening scene: A teenager’s bedroom. Walls plastered with posters for cult bands. The soundtrack plays a cut from an equally of-the-moment musician. The credits roll as if someone doodled them in a spiral notebook, in a jittery, animated font. The plot has to do with some form of family dysfunction, social transgression or adolescent self-discovery. While it reaches its darkly funny or just plain dark conclusion — often by way of a zany, epiphany-filled road trip — its protagonists one-up each other in pop culture references that are by turns obscure and painfully hip.

-Limewire adds social networking features… 

From Wired’s Listening Post Blog:

The file sharing software Limewire, with “80 to 100 million reasonably regular users,” is one of the biggest forces in music distribution and still faces a lawsuit from multiple record labels. But now that the majors have made deals with MySpace, YouTube and other content networks, Lime Wire hopes to offer the sort of licensed P2P service that the original Napster could have become. One move in this direction is a new personalization feature that lets people share music and other content only with specific friends.

Lastly, Andrew Bird.




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