News: The Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Edition

8 10 2008

Happy Birthday to: 

R.L Stine (1943)

Dennis Kucinich (1946)

Matt Damon (1970)

Listen: The National-90 Mile Water Wall


Google released a useful new Gmail feature yesterday in its labs, which could help prevent the intoxicated from sending embarrassing late-night emails they might regret in the morning.

When activated, the program will force a user to solve a series of math problems before allowing any message to be sent. They are not terribly difficult, but do serve as an extra line of defense in what can be a very dangerous habit. The service is set by default to kick in only on weekend nights, but you can change the settings to apply whenever. As for drunk dialing and texting, you’re still on your own.

-At, an article about Sarah Palin and her many friends.

-Also at, Iceland teeters on the brink of bankruptcy 

-David Duchovny has left Sex Rehab. Congratulations from all of us Fabakis

The actor checked out of a rehabilitation facility for treatment of a hardcore sex addiction a few days ago. Duchovny, 48 and married, will now begin work on a new and awkward season of Californiacation.  

-Take a virtual tour through a Denim Factory…

-“Whore Miles” plan for Dutch Prostitutes who behave themselves… Read More at the Independent.

-The Cocktail Party Guide to John Coltrane. At NPR

-Listen to Liz Phair’s recent West Hollywood Concert where she performed Exile in Guyville. Also at NPR

-Jay Reatard stopped AOL music to play a few songs and give the camera man the finger. A few selections are available at SG.

-PopMatters features an article about the lost mystery of the record collection.

-Check out Pitchfork TV’s latest one week only segment. They’re featuring Sensurround. It’s one of those things that you just sort of have to see.

Sensurround is the visual component to 2007’s Sensuous (Everloving). Collaborators include Tsujikawa Kochiro, Japanese art/design collective Groovisions & Takagi Masakatsu, who together produce vivid and captivating complements to the album. View it here.

-The Billboard 200 albums chart in 1998…

1. Lauryn HIll- The Miseduction of Lauryn Hill

2. N’Sync- N’sync

3. Kiss- Psycho-Circus

4. Dc Talk- Supernatural

5. Marilyn Manson- Mechanical Animal



-The Billboard top 100 singles from 1998

1. Monica-The First Night

2. The Barenaked Ladies- One Week

3. Aerosmith- I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

4. Jennifer Paige-Crush

5. Edwin Mccain- I’ll Be




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23 08 2009
âûâîç ñòðîèòåëüíîãî ìóñîðà

âûâîç ñòðîèòåëüíîãî ìóñîðà…

âûâîç ñòðîèòåëüíîãî ìóñîðà…

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