Stuff Hipsters Like Part IV

3 10 2008

It’s time for another look into the hipster culture! This is part IV of our ongoing article, Stuff Hipsters Like. So to get things started here are a few terms to use during the course of next week to prove your worth.

Cronkite -A boy.

“Who is that cronkite by the punch? What’s in the punch anyways?”

Jerry -One part hippie and one part stoner.

“He’s such a Jerry, he spends all his time watching Good Times re-runs and eating White Castles.”

Juicer – An undeniable ladies man.

“Did you see his arms? He’s such a juicer! The things that I would do to him…”

Jug– The new term for a “forty” ounce beverage.

“We were playing with jugs, it got ugly.”

And now, this week we’ll be covering three more things that hipsters adore. Without futher ado, this week’s hipster faves are Wes Anderson, Chuck Klosterman and facial hair.

10. Wes Anderson:

Wes Anderson is a director, writer, producer and actor, heavily involved in both independent and mainstream film. Over the course of his career, he’s become a major stylistic and artistic voice in American cinema. He’s widely known for making innovative films that feature thoughtful cinematography, dry humor and killer soundtracks. Additionally, his films often feature a heavy-smoking female character. Hipsters can relate to Anderson’s damaged characters because they’re damaged themselves. Watch the movies listed below.

Bottle Rocket (1996)

Rusmore (1998)

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

11. Chuck Klosterman:

Mr. Klosterman is just about everywhere these days. He’s had his writings in many major publications as well as in his own series of books about popular culture. Since his first book Fargo Rock City, Klosterman’s fame has only increased. He recently quit his post at Esquire and put out his first fiction novel, Downtown Owl. He’s known for his humorous commentary on life and music. A fun example of his humorous writing can be found here.

An excerpt: Keith Olbermann’s soul (symbolic representation of self): More present and engaged than that of most Americans, but also darker and possibly smaller. I agree with the vast majority of how this particular soul is intellectually represented in the public sphere, but its delivery mechanism can be such a jerk about it that I sometimes find myself wishing I did not. Confounding and Gore Vidal-like. B-

Hipsters not only adore him, but they repeat his lines as if they were scripture or law or blog articles. Do not mis-under-estimate Chuck, he’s more popular than you think. However… Klosterman should probably slow down his pace and take some time off. Too many articles, books and public events could hurt his image among literary-based hipsters in the coming years. If he (or for that matter anybody) wants to make it to 2012, he should consider an extended hiatus in the New England area.

12. Facial hair:

Hipsters enjoy a privileged existence. There are dance parties, social gatherings, concerts, lunches with fancy sandwiches, dance parties, PBR nights, record shopping days and rallies. Nowhere in a true hipster’s datebook is the word, “work”. It’s not necessary nor is it problematic. A steady flow of money from various sources keeps the hipster afloat. Even without a job though, hipsters do not have time for shaving or bathing or any of that sort of nonsense, besides it’s much cooler to appear unkempt and natural. The longer, wider or more interesting the beard, the more hipster points you receive. Just don’t try to hard as that could be misconstrued as insecurity, a word/concept that is relatively unknown in hipster areas.

Thanks for coming back for another edition of Stuff Hipsters Like. Stuff Hipsters Like is a recurring feature on the Fabakis blog every Friday.

Next week we’ll have reviews of new music by Times New Viking, The Little ones, Catfish Haven, Deerhoof and Gentlemen Jesse and His Men. Stop by every day for a daily dose of the best that the internet has to offer.





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