The News

2 10 2008

-American record stores are reportedly ordering mass import copies of AC/DC’sBlack Ice, thus threatening the album’s Wal-Mart exclusivity.

Blitzen Trapper stops by Aquarium Drunkard for an interview.

-Slash has officially announced who he’s supporting in the upcoming presidential election. He was recently quoted as saying,  “I think it’s refreshing to see someone who’s reasonably intelligent come in. I agree with a lot of (Obama’s) stuff.” 

-From the NY Times politics blog, a little bit of info on the debate. 

-Larry Flynt to make a Sarah Palin Porn film. Read more.

-Don’t Vote?

-If you haven’t already, please register to vote… For more information visit Register-vote

-Death Cab For Cutie will reissue their debut album Something about Airplanes on November 25th. Included in the new packaging will be a bonus disc of the band’s first Seattle concert from 1998.

-Are you tired of Most people aren’t but offers an alternative site for book buying.

-Apple threatens to shut down the Itunes Store… Read at the Independent

-Here’s another debate drinking game:

**The Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game***
by Benn Ray

1. Drink every time Palin drops the “g” from any word ending in “-ing”.

2. Drink every time one of the following words/phrases is used:

“Joe Six-pack”
“small town values”
“Hockey mom”
“Alaska National Guard”
“Bridge to Nowhere”
“shake up Washington”
“status quo”

3. Drink for any mention of Putin. Chug if he is mentioned as part of the phrase, “Putin rears his head.”

4. 2 drinks if Palin calls herself a feminist. One drink if Biden calls himself a feminist (unless he says it after Palin, in that case, drink 3).

5. Every time Roe V. Wade is mentioned, drink.

6. The mention of the name Tina Fey means you drink.

7. If you notice Biden plagiarize, keep it to yourself by taking 3 drinks.

8. Every time Palin explains that family is important to her, your drink becomes important to you. Drink one.

9. If Palin explains her qualifications as Vice President as having “executive experience” from being a Governor or Mayor, drink one.

10. If Palin uses the debate as an opportunity to announce the wedding of unwed teen daughter Bristol to babydaddy Levi, toast them with 2 drinks.

11. Every question Palin successfully avoids, drink one.

12. If Palin says her role as the Gov. of Alaska has given her the experience in dealing with Big Oil needed to address the energy crisis – drink one – and try hard not to spittake it.

13. If Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro is mentioned, drink.

14. For every newspaper or magazine Palin claims to read, drink one.

15. Every time Palin begins her answer to a question by rephrasing the question, drink.

16. Each time she refers to herself or John McCain as a “Maverick”, drink. In fact, any time Biden says the word “Maverick,” drink just to be safe.

17. Each time Palin says “You can’t blink” make sure  you can drink – one.

18. If Palin is able to correctly define the Bush Doctrine, drink one. If Biden tries to define the Bush Doctrine, drink one.

19. Each time you hear the word Wasilla, drink.

20. If Joe Biden gets scary, mean, puts his foot in his mouth, makes any sort of awkward movement, is too dominant, seems too smart, seems too dismissive… turn off the TV, turn off the lights, and finish your drink in the dark. It’s over.




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