Stuff Hipsters Like: The Halloween Edition!

31 10 2008

It’s that time of year and it’s that time of the month. Halloween is a gateway holiday, and it’s also an excuse for hipsters everywhere to dress up. The typical hipster outfit consists of a tight-fitting shirt and jeans, a sweater, and any number of accessories including but not limited to glasses, a walkman and or a messenger bag. While the Reagan/Nixon mask has gone out of fashion, there are still many fun options for hipsters this holiday. 

For those who aren’t of the hipster breed and who are planning on being a hipster for halloween, you’ll need any number of the following things:

A Beard, cocaine, skinny jeans, PBR, cigarettes, fixie bike, neon colored something, money clip, cardigan, Converse shoes, Vinyl Upsetters record, coffee mug, Keffiyeh, and angst. Oh, and lose twenty pounds immediately…

Here are my predictions for this year’s most popular hipster halloween costumes:

G. Gordon Liddy

A Super-delegate 

A member of Death Cab For Cutie supporting Barack Obama (HipsterRunoff)

Andy Warhol

Will Bailey

Lil Wayne or T-Pain

Any animal-based indie music act (Panda Bear, Deer[hoof or hunter] SeaWolf, Bird, an unnamed member of Animal Collective, 


Be sure to check out the American Apparel Halloween Costume Contest below.

The American Apparel Halloween Costume Contest

Expect three new things that hipsters like next Friday. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Fabakis Blog every day for music and news. 


The News: The Freddie Edition

29 10 2008

-Drawings under the influence of LSD. Here

-Five reasons why you should’ve seen Jay Reatard last night. Here

-An Ohio man shot and wounded a teen over a Mccain sign. 

-EMI reported a £757 loss (1.2 billion). That’s a lot of money… Read More 

-Wilco have already recorded demos for a new album and are heading into their Chicago studio, the Loft, this month to start recording and production. “Sonically it’s going to be a much wilder, much more unexpected record,” says guitarist Nels Cline. “There’s going to be too much to choose from. Right now it’s an embarrassment of riches, for sure.” I can’t wait, and no one leaked the demos. 

-Stream the recent Elephant Six collective show via NPR.

-Watch Part two of Pitchfork TV’s In the Studio with Deerhunter. Here

Part two of’s look at the making of Microcastle is up today. This episode shows the creation of “Saved by Old Times”. Cole Alexander of the Black Lips contributes vocals to the track via ichat (he also sends a dirty photo, prankster that he is, so this one might be NotSafeFofWork) in what could well be the first intercontinental recording collaboration. We also learn that Bradford Cox does a pretty fair impression of the B-52’s Fred Schneider.

-Freddie Ljunberg, two time Swedish player of the year, and two-time league winner with Arsenal, will join the Seattle Sounders in the MLS. The midfielder was dropped in the first year of a four year contract with West Ham United recently and will serve as Seattle’s “designated player”.


Check out Soldier on Dear Friend’s MYSPACE

Deerhunter: In the Studio

28 10 2008

I love behind the scenes kind of things, movies/videos where you get to see how a band works. Anyone associated with me, upon inquiry, would say that I Am Trying To Break Your Heart is among my favorite two hour activities… Anyways, thanks to Pitchfork TV, you can watch footage of Deerhunter in the studio working on their latest album. As a super-special bonus, we’ve put up a link to Voxtrot’s promotional page for their last album. You’ll find a nice 8-part mini-documentary on the recording/production of their self-titled album from a year or so ago.




The News: October 28th

28 10 2008

-The Anchorage Daily News has endorsed Barack Obama for President. More

-Two pretty self-explanatory articles from The Independent on music. 

Does the World need another Indie Band?

The Difficult Third Album

-An excellent set of photos from the recent Broken Social Scene/Land of Talk concert. Here

-Why David Foster Wallace killed himself. Here


-On a lighter note, here’s Built to Spill covering “Paper Planes”



!!! Please check out/listen to our good friends Soldier on Dear Friend !!!


The News: October 27th

27 10 2008

-At, an article about John Mccain’s appearance on Meet the Press.

-Wilco will appear on The Colbert Report on October 30th. 

-Another Kanye West song has hit the net, check out RoboCop at SG.

-The Cure’s new album 4:13 Dream is available for streaming at theirMyspace.

-Apple, along with several other companies, donated 100,000 dollars to fight Proposition 8.

Proposition 8 aims to end same-sex marriage in California by amending the United States Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Read more at TC

-AC/DC music video distributed as Excel Spreadsheet.

An Interview with Sam Prekop of The Sea and Cake

24 10 2008

An Interview with Sam Prekop of the Sea and Cake

[10-24-08] ßy Fabakis

The Sea and Cake have been a staple of Chicago’s music scene since 1994. Their new album Car Alarm, their eighth with Chicago-based Thrill Jockey, was just released to positive reviews. We recently interviewed the band’s lead singer, Sam Prekop, to discuss the new album, lunch options and the state of the music industry today.

Fabakis: Let me start by thanking you for taking the time to answer some questions, everyone’s just so busy these days. I have to let you know that i’ve really been enjoying this new album. Throughout your career, The Sea and Cake’s sound has been constantly interesting. The textures and instrumentation are really something to be admired. All of my praise aside, here are a few questions that I’ve got lined up regarding the album, the music industry and online sales.

Fabakis: Just to break the ice, can you remember what you had for your last meal?
SP: Hello, um yes i had 3 gyoza, japanese dumpling delights a tuna roll and an eel and cucumber roll, and wasabi to complement.
Fabakis: On your digital promo page they described the album as “Bracing, like the surge of wasabi on sweet sushi.” Did you have anything to do with that description?
SP: No i didn’t, it was written by a local critic/ writer. and it looks like we let that one slide, i can’t say it would have been my first choice of words to describe the record despite my last meal. basically when you get some one to write something it seems it should be left intact for the most part otherwise their perspective will have been compromised.
Fabakis: You recorded the album in it’s entirety and then took it on the road. Have you contemplated making a live record consisting of these and other songs?
SP: I know there are great live records but it’s never been an ambition of mine, i’m not sure why. i guess it could happen, but more likely would be a record by archer and I playing live, two guitars and vocals which we’ve done a fair amount of , and i think that sort of material would work well recorded in a concert hall or good sounding interesting space.
Fabakis: You’ve been making records with various bands since I was born. Have you noticed any changes in the way that you approach the studio?
SP: Well the approach is quite different for each record, this latest record progressed a lot like our very first record. There have been records made with the intent of using the studio as an instrument and at other time as a way of documenting the band at a given time. In general i’d say we’re a bit more relaxed about it. primarily through familiarity and experience.
Fabakis: I’ve read that you’ve developed a home studio over the years that you use for composing songs. Do you favor that small-scale setup compared to a larger recording facility?
SP: well they both have their advantages and disadvantages. my home setup isn’t a proper studio per se, it would be difficult if not impossible to record more than one person at once for example. i guess i think of it more as a workshop. but yeah i develop a lot of ideas here, but it can also be a distraction to actually coming up with real songs. there are so many tangents available to me in this “home studio” it gets hard to finish things, so i like the “proper studio” mentality involved, because when you go in it’s likely you’re prepared . but i need both.
Fabakis: Has the sudden rise in online music sales and the Itunes store changed your views on how you approach promoting your music?
SP: From my perspective not really, besides realizing that these outlets exist, well i guess we did do an EP that was released in the u.s. anyway, on itunes exclusively. i’ll say it would be a shame if people completely stopped going to record stores i think it’s a valuable outlet for knowledge and meeting like minded people, i know that exists online as well but there still something nice about making the trip a specific mission and ritual. but i’ll also say that i’ve bought a fair amount of music on itunes as well. so hopefully both can coexist.
Buy it:
11/7: Philadelphia, PA-First Unitarian Church
11/8: Washington, DC-Black Cat
11/10: New York, NY-Bowery Ballroom
11/12: Boston, MA-Middle East
11/13: Montreal, PQ- La Sala Rossa
11/14: Toronto, ON-Lee’s Palace
11/15: Chicago, IL- Empty Bottle (Early Show)
11/15: Chicago, IL- Empty Bottle (Late Show)
11/28: Portland, OR-Doug Fir Lounge
11/29: Seattle, WA-Chop Suey
12/2: San Fransisco, CA-Great American Music Hall
12/3: Los Angeles, CA-Troubadour 
12/4: Los Angeles, CA-Troubadour
12/5: Pomona, CA-Glass House
12/6: San Diego, CA-Casbah

Stuff Hipsters Like Part VII

24 10 2008

It’s time for another look into the hipster culture! This is part VII of our ongoing article, Stuff Hipsters Like, where we mention three things of particular importance to the everyday hipster. Today we tackle Sweaters, Odd Historical Figures and Causes…

19. Sweaters:

Name one thing that hipsters and Mr. Rogers have in common. Ah yes, they both agree that the sweater is an integral part of any wardrobe. Hipsters love sweaters, it’s an undeniable fact. As the temperature drops, the sweaters are coming out and hipsters are feeling the warmth. There are striped sweaters, cardigans, silk-cash mix sweaters, ripped sweaters, really any kind will do. A quick browse through American Apparel, and you’ll see a vast array of fashionable duds. Pick one up before we all switch to North Face jackets. Also, don’t worry about wearing your sweater and skinny jeans together, you look just fine.  It’s a Cosby Sweater! 


20. Odd Historical Figures:

To go along with causes, hipsters enjoy attaching themselves to random people in history. When choosing an odd historical figure, the hipster mentioned, must learn everything about that person and tell all of their friends about their figure’s life story and odd facts about them. As an example, here are a few talking points on Martin Van Buren.

-Martin Van Buren: 8th President

-Grew up speaking Dutch

-Member of the Free Soil Party

-Opposed the annexation of Texas

-In an episode of The Simpsons, Krusty the Clown cleans up graffiti reading “Martin Van Buren is a wiener”.



21. Causes:

Whether a hipster is up on the news or not, he or she is ready for conversation revolving around any of their well-chosen causes. Whether it’s something small like fighting for the rights of free-range chickens or something more far-reaching like Tibetan freedom, hipsters love attaching themselves to fashionable and attractive causes. We could go on for days listing off random things that hipsters feel strongly about but the list would go on and on and on. Here are a few popular ones. 

Peace, the war, civil rights, those chickens, anti-globalization, independent anything, legalization/decriminalization of drugs, losing ones, sweatshop labor, election, the environment, anything popular, and anything ironic..


Thanks for coming back for another edition of Stuff Hipsters Like. Stuff Hipsters Like is a recurring feature on the Fabakis blog every Friday. 

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