The News: The Love you till Tuesday Edition

30 09 2008

I stopped smoking, atleast for awhile. I actually ran three miles today. She didn’t.

And here’s the news!

-Shearwater will be releasing a seven track EP titled, The Snow Leopard, on October 14th. The day after it’s release they’ll be playing at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage! ITS FREE!!! Anyways, the album will feature it’s title-track, live cuts of a few familiar songs and some b-sides. 

-In the New York Times, West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin writes about a ficitional meeting of minds between presidential hopeful Barack Obama and the West Wing’s outgoing President Bartlett. Read More

-Read about what happens when we die in Time Magazine’s online edition.

– AC/DC will not sell their album on Itunes. Angus Young was quoted as saying, “We don’t make singles, we make albums.” Well put sir.

-If you haven’t heard the new AC/DC single, watch their music video here:

-It’s been nine or so days since Travis Barker survived a jet crash that killed four other people. Yesterday he was released from a Georgia hospital where he received treatment for his third degree burns. DJ AM, who was also onboard the plane, left the hospital late last week. Reports claim that a blow tire was to blame for the fiery crash.



Andrew Bird-Fiery Crash


-778 points in a day… Read more

-From’s Five things

Sep 29th, 2008 | NEW YORK — Tenants of a Brooklyn building said their landlord came up with a new idea for how to kick them out: Let the smell of the cats out of the bag. Dead cats, that is.

The stench from the carcasses did catch the tenants’ attention — but they stayed and sued.

One tenant, Daisy Terry, told a City Hall news conference on Sunday it was so bad she had to hold her nose coming down the stairs.

The building in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood was purchased last year by a company listed in court papers as Heskel. A call to Heskel Properties in Manhattan was not immediately returned.

Terry said the landlord used the dead cats to try to push out rent-stabilized tenants.


Senate Passes Anti-Piracy Measure; Civil Enforcement Omitted

The US Senate passed an anti-piracy measure on Friday, one that calls for increased enforcement measures on intellectual property infringement.  The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Act of 2008 (S3325) mirrors a similar measure recently passed in the House of Representatives, with important modifications.  The measure calls for the placement of a cabinet-level, piracy “czar,” though it stops short of authorizing governmental involvement in civil infringement matters.

That was strongly rejected by the US Department of Justice, which protested the use of government attorneys for essentially private disputes.  The DOJ refused to supply “pro bono lawyers for private copyright holders regardless of their resources,” and subsequently won removal of the provision.  

Despite the pushback, the recording industry expressed enthusiasm.  “At a critical economic juncture, this bipartisan legislation provides enhanced protection for an important asset that helps lead our global competitiveness,” said RIAA chairman and chief executive Mitch Bainwol. The bill now heads back to the House for expected approval. S3325


And that’s the news for today… 

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