The News: Because you can’t spell Hardcore without DC.

24 09 2008

The best of the best courtesy of the internet!

Pitchfork interviews David Byrne.

-Download Bob Dylan’s latest offering at

-T-Mobile has another announcement regarding the Google Phone. Read here

-Not that you should care, but friends of Fabakis The Birthday Massacre put out another album. We played  ashow with them when we were in the 9th grade… Check out a review of their album on PopMatters and try to remember when your heyday was. Fabakis does not endorse The Birthday Masssacre in any way shape or form.

PopMatters also reviewed Chuck Klosterman’s first novel Downtown Owl. Check it out.

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-Are you planning on voting? Do you like Wilco and or Fleet Foxes? If you answered yes to either of those questions, pledge to vote on Election Day and receive a mp3 copy of Wilco and Fleet Foxes cover of “I Shall be Released”. Pledge your vote.

Ah, a forgotten gem…



The ZombiesCare of Cell 44


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