The News: Because you can’t spell Madcap without DC

24 09 2008

We’ll be brief today, there’s quite a bit going on. writes about and talks with Chuck Klosterman about his first novel Downtown Owl.

Here’s a short excerpt from that article: But Chuck Klosterman seems to be getting a little sick of Chuck Klosterman. Even his most distinguishing quality — his ability to ramble endlessly, but meaningfully, about the ephemera of American culture — is wearing on him these days.

In his September 2008 column for Esquire, he writes, “I find myself growing more and more depressed about all the things I used to love … It’s not difficult to be the cop in the car watching the meth lab, but you will drive yourself sad. You’ll find yourself thinking, Maybe the meth lab will blow up … But it doesn’t blow up. It just sits there, falling apart and declining in value, while the people inside lose their teeth and get crazy high.”

– Weight in on Vh1’s list of the best rap songs. Where’s tech? Here’s a short bit about it. 
-Myspace Music will launch sometime this morning. Sadly, all our major labels will be taking a part in this as will amazonmp3, Mcdonalds, State Farm Insurance, Toyota, Jamster Ringtones and perhaps ticketmaster at a later date. Read more at DMN.


-From‘s How the World Works, an article about Bush’s speech about the current economic situation.

-Barack Obama in Men’s Health magazine??? Read more

The latest on Travis Barker from the AP.

Sep 24th, 2008 | COLUMBIA, S.C. — A South Carolina police officer says he listened in disbelief as two men he saw running from blazing plane wreckage described how they escaped the inferno. Lt. Josh Shumpert said Wednesday he later learned the men were former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM. Shumpert had kept the badly burned men talking as they waited for medical help Friday night after the crash in Columbia. The musicians were the only survivors. Two pilots and two passengers were killed. Barker told Shumpert they slid down the plane’s wings before rolling around on the ground to put out flames on their clothing. He said Barker was screaming and seemed to be in intense pain.

And that’s all for today, enjoy your Thursday.




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25 09 2008

I think we can totally discredit VH1 here based on the fact that they had “Walk This Way” at number 4, despite the fact that it’s not even really a rap song…

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