Welcome to The Working Week

22 09 2008

Did you know that Voltaire drank approximately 50 to 70 cups of coffee a day for inspiration?


And now the news…

The New York times did a story chronicling the sale of beer and food amidst the economic turmoil of last week. Check it out here

From the article, a lovely diagram with fancy colors!

Google is announcing a new mobile phone to rival the iphone tomorrow. 

-Pitchfork reviewed the new TV on the Radio album. They thought more of it than I did. Read it here 

-A rampant Chelsea fan attacked the Manchester United bus following their 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge. Read more.

-True Manliness:


-The world is a scary place. Two Vampire Weekend shows that were just announced at the 930 club sold out. Let’s take into account that Built to Spill has been on the calendar for months and has yet to sell out… Come on people.

-Rhys Darby, formerly the manager of Flight of the Conchords on the HBO series of the same name will be doing stand up at the 930 club November 1st… How awesome is that?


Other shows that were just announced or that we missed in the area:

9/24- Ben Folds @ DAR Constitution Hall

10/22- Broken Social Scene @ The State Theatre 

10/28- Jay Reatard @ The Cat

11/2- Hercules and the Love Affair @ 930

11/8- The Sea and Cake @ The Cat




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