Wednesday Morning 3 am…

17 09 2008

As you can tell it’s not 3 in the morning but it is Wednesday. 

And now for the news…

-Val Kilmer is considering running for political office in 2010 in his home state of New Mexico. He’s a good friend of Bill Richardson and a “maverick” of sorts when it comes down to issues and policies. In a conversation between the press and Bill Richardson he said it would be “A fine idea”. 

-Of Montreal’s Skeletal Lamping will have it’s release date pushed back over two weeks. The new release date will be October 21st.

-Tom Jones is releasing his first album in 15 years! It’s called 24 hours and is supposed to sound “retro”. We’re all getting hot and nasty in preparation for the October 25th release date. Read more

That’s hot!

-“I really do fucking despair” states Cure Frontman Robert Smith in regards to his band’s new album and subsequent digital release. 

-From the previously mentioned and hipster approved Salon Magazine,  a look inside the pages of Guyland: The Perilous World where Boys become Men. 

and speaking of Men…

-Here we have yet another article about Sarah Palin and her “wasteful ways” as mayor and governor. Keep it up people! 

-The Dow plunges 450 points… read more


Pedestrians scribbled their throughts on a painting of Lehman Brothers’ CEO Richard Fuld, by artist Geoffrey Raymond, outside the company’s building in New York. Lehman employees wrote in green.

-Starving guillemots push rival chicks off cliffs in The Guardian.

-All the babies are dying or they’re already dead in China as the tainted milk scandal continues. AP article.

-Are you sick of your friends stealing your sandwiches? I know I am… A new revolutionary device to prevent theft.

and last but not least… Total Request Live will end it’s ten year run on MTV 

this November. We’re all heartbroken…




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