The Oxygen Feels So Good

17 09 2008

Download and Listen: The Oxygen Feels So Good

Today’s world is populated with all sorts of sounds. Here we have a television, a radio, crickets, wind, synthesized music and other assorted noises that were all created or captured with microphones, instruments and or amplification. The sounds were all processed as if they had been put through a filter, perhaps your brain. The sounds were sometimes slowed down, sped up, reversed and at times chopped up.

The title refers to a nine second combination of music and television noises that enters the song at around the 3:30 mark. The combination of a compact disc and a news report, playing on top of each other would normally be a mundane and pointless backdrop to a morning breakfast. However here they seem to create the words, “The oxygen feels so good”. It’s one of those freak things that just happens unintentionally. The phrase is used over and over again throughout the piece.

Throughout the song, a “minimalist” sounding drone hovers over the samples and noises to create an atmosphere for which they can live in. The chords are used over and over again, at times bending out of tune and dropping out. Distortion also plays a key role in the sound of the piece. Over the course of the eight minutes, distortion comes in and out at planned times. The effect is used to recreate both stress and upward movement, two thoughts that are recurring in the song.

Media plays a large role in our daily life. We’re constantly surrounded by it in the form of television, our car stereo, even what we think. During the course of the composition the listener is taken through a day in their life. There are peaks and lows, moments of emotional catharsis and pain, and hours of sleep. 

This 8 minute composition is a synthesis of what a person hears and thinks in one day and how they process it for their own consumption. 


Please note that this is an original composition by Matthew DeLauder. Don’t take credit for it… Please ask for permission before using it as well.




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