Stuff Hipsters Like Part One

12 09 2008

Now that Stuff White People Like has now become both an internet and print sensation, it’s time for the spin-off. This is Part One of a never-ending series entitled Stuff Hipsters Like. Here we go!




1. Non-Prescription vintage eyewear:

The ideal hipster has a pair of these in clear sight. Whether on the face or slipped onto the shirt, the glasses are an everyday reminder that hipsters must keep their level of public visibility high at all times. The combination of both non-prescription glasses and vintage sunglasses and central to any outfit.


2. Drinking Starbucks Coffee and Not drinking Starbucks Coffee

A dilemma arises… What is a hipster to do when in need of a caffeinated drink? We all know that red bull went out of fashion and that coffee is back in a big way. So where does one go to find this product?

Ah yes, there is a Starbucks on every corner in every hipster region, where a hot or cold beverage can be procured. However, isn’t that too commercialized for the hipster crowd? Yes and no. Hipsters love irony and it’s ironic to go to a giant company to get a product (Levi’s). Yet it’s also acceptable to have a coffee shop, virtually unknown to the general public, where you can get your java away from all the pressures of the hipster life. Pick and choose wisely.



3. Alternative News Sources

Why read the local print when you can spend your time online, not wasting paper, reading on internet zines and blogs? Websites like Salon and Vice Magazine not only help to inform hipsters about daily happenings but also promote hipster culture in their text! Ripe with American Apparel advertisements, these websites provide what “ordinary” news sources cannot. 

Salon is an internet magazine that was started in San Fransisco that focuses mostly on American Politics but that also covers the arts, music and literature. Salon’s “Five Things” is the ideal start to the internet surfing experience, delivering you the news in a painless, digital version. Did we mention that it’s free?


Vice Magazine features offbeat news and commentary on hipster issues like the best and worst album covers of the month, Fashion trends and their speciality DOs and DONTs.

They’re also known for being a tad racy. Who doesn’t love a little spice in their chai tea? As an example, here’s a title of a rather infamous article: The Vice Guide to Shagging Muslims and Bukkake On My Face: Welcome to the Ancient Tradition of the Japanese Facial. 


So there it is… Part One’s in the books and finished with. Stay glued for Part Two next Friday!




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