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10 09 2008

We are not a conspiracy theory based blog… We attempt to deliver news about music and popular culture to you and to discuss issues regarding what’s going on in the world. So with that in mind, an article about the end of the world. 

Every single tribe, clan and civilization that has ever existed has had their own theories about the ending of time. In Greek, “Eschatos” means last, and “-logy” means study of, hence the term Eschatology. There are literally thousands of predictions regarding the end of time. We’ve got a full plate of them coming our way with predictions lined up for April 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2034. All even numbers.

Enter the LHC. The Large Hardon Collider is the largest and most powerful particle accelerator complex ever concieved. The LHC was made in an effort to try and produce the elusive, “Higgs boson” or “God-Particle”. 

From what I understand, finding the Higgs boson would not only be an important step towards figuring out a Grand Unified Theory which seeks to unify three of the four known fundamental forces, those forces being electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and of course gravity. If all goes to plan, scientists hope to answer several questions about the origins of our universe. 

So how does this relate to eschatology?

There are some in the world who believe that these experiments are dangerous. Those of that opinion say that the collider could produce micro black holes and dangerous “strangelets”, and that catastrophic effects from these cannot be ruled out. Just so you know, most scientists believe that those events will be done with in mere nano-seconds. That any dangerous side-effects will be momentary in nature. 

So… This seems fitting seeing as there happens to be a large contingent of civilized people who believe that Winter Solstice 2012 will be it for us. I’ll hit twenty-four, talk about a good run. The 2012 myth relates to the Mayan Calendar. A potential, “Global Awakening” or change will come about and perhaps destroy life…  On the flip side, the myth can be interpreted to say that humanity will be elevated to a new level. Perhaps, if Obama wins we’ll fix all the world’s problems by his second term. A paradigm shift, an awakening, who knows…

Today was a long day. 

And we leave you with a random quote regarding the end of the world: “It is deeply appealing at a psychological level because the idea of meaninglessness is deeply threatening. Human societies have always tried to create some kind of framework of meaning to give history and our own personal lives some kind of significance.”

Here’s a song off of Portishead’s Third to mull over while reading. If you have any suggestions of things to do in the event of the world’s ending let us know.





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11 09 2008

see also
not saying i endorse the idea or the publication, just something else to consider.

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