Break Ya Neck!

5 09 2008


9/23- Built to Spill performing Perfect From Now on @ 930

9/26- Cut Copy @ 930

10/3- Fleet Foxes @ The Cat

10/9- Of Montreal @ 930

10/28- Jay Reatard @ The Cat Backstage released their list of the 100 gayest albums. What album topped the list? David Bowie’s Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust of course… Bowie was followed closely by The Smiths, Elton John, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

BBC analyzes how music taste and personality link up. “Indie: Low self-esteem, creative, not hard working, not gentle”. I was fine with the “sniffling indie kids” tag.

Speaking of Sniffling indie kids…


A new Wilco tune?

And now…

A few things that you maybe didn’t know in regards to this year’s election.

1. Sarah Palin is was born in 1964 making her 44 years old. Significance? She turned 18 in 1982, what else happened in 1982?

Well since you asked. 

Wayne Gretzky scored 92 goals in a season.

Gandhi won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Diet Coke was introduced.

Aston Villa won the European cup.

Cal Ripken began his consecutive games streak.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released.

2. She played point guard for her school’s basketball team.  She’s only 5’5… At 6’1 Obama’s got mad ups on her.

4. She has admitted to smoking marijuana. 

5. Barack means “blessed” in Swahili apparently…

6. He was known by the nickname Barry in High School.

Well… It’s Friday and the weekend is practically here. Tonight there’s free jazz in the Sculpture Garden at 5, the opening of The Fragmented Light Exhibit @ The Hillyer and me eating a pizza on the couch listening to Lindstrom and thinking about it in some of Nerdlitter’s thirteen different ways. A few good ones?

-A funeral procession for a disco legend. Black chiffon, elbow-high gloves, and neon boas on parade. Raccoon eyes spiked with tears and red nostrils dusted with white powder. Regret tempered with miles of glitz.

-The extended version of a theme song for a mid-’80s cop drama. A lead character named Dirk Rockland, a moustache thick enough to bury contraband in, a fondness for catch phrases and former cheerleaders. Glossy shots of gritty downtown corners lit up at night, obligatory slo-mos of getaway vehicles going airborne. Police Chief Morton will slam his desk and order Dirk to play by the rules at least once per episode.

-God running a marathon, a cheerleading routine choreographed by methheads and or the score for an hour long meteor shower.




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