Any day now I shall be released.

2 09 2008

It was a fantastic weekend.  Let’s break it on down. Friday morning began as most do, it was too warm and Tucker just had to go out the second that I opened my eyes. A short walk and a drive to Philadelphia later, and i found myself in a tiny French resturant in South Philly. Man… How could this day improve? Well, i did see Sonic Youth and The Hold Steady. Eh? Yes. Yes. A fantastic double bill… Daydream Nation was released a few months before i was even born. Craig Finn was legally drinking around that time too. 

And now…. The News!

-Helen Mirren Loves loved Cocaine.

-Sufjan Stevens recently scored Natalie Portman’s directorial debut Eve. Read more at Stereogum

-Man pinned under blankets for three days! Read more!

In an effort to find anything negative about Sarah Palin, a Post article for your pleasure.

-Manchester City have somehow managed to sign Robinho from Real Madrid. This comes after a month of speculation regarding Chelsea and the Brazillian. Too bad… 

-Dimitar Berbatov has joined Manchester United…. Sigh.

-Wilco and Fleet Foxes covered the Bob Dylan tune, “I Shall be Released” at their Spokane, WA show. Here’s a video!!!


Hey This American Life,

Please listen to this and hire me!

Dramatic Monolouge




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