A nutty ending to malnutrition

21 08 2008

For once there is a positive story to the situation of malnutrition in third world nations. The solution to ending worldwide malnutrition may be due to a peanut based food source that is inexpensive to make, and even simpler to use. The food source is called Plumpy’nut, and it may revolutionize how medicine treats malnutrition. Dr. Milton Tectonidis, the chief nutritionist for doctors without borders states that, “it’s a revolution in nutritional affairs . . . in three weeks we can cure a kid looking like they’re have dead, we can cure them just like an antibiotic.”   


Plumpy’nut has been created in order to help the malnourished children of third world countries. It doesn’t require refrigeration, water or cooking. Each packet has the equivalence of a glass of milk and multivitamins. It also contains all the other supplements necessary to help keep a child nourished.

While some may be skeptical, there have been success stories in Niger and other African nations as well. The total price is extremely cheap to make, with a four week supply being no more than 35$. If developed nations only used a half a percentage of the GDP they could help supply the countries that need this support.

The world has an opportunity to rid the world of malnutrition, I urge everyone to speak up about this new food source and what it can achieve.




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