DC’s pretty heavy

15 08 2008

Oh man. One hour and forty-eight minutes of screaming, jumping and high fives among crowd members almost killed me. A sore back and a tired voice are both acceptable things to take home after such an amazing show, in fact, i’m pretty sure that everyone that was there feels about the same right about now. The band was tighter than ever on what was their last show of their summer tour in the states. The set, which is listed below, drew heavily from Boys and Girls and their latest Stay Positive. They even threw, excuse the pun, Curves and Nerves into the set, a song not yet played for an audience. Every song in their set had every single person (minus the couple in front of me who were on the border of reality and Hold Steady land) dancing and singing along. The set ended with an extended version of Slapped Actress followed immediately by five or six minutes of screaming and applause which brought the band back to the stage. The first encore began with Stay Positive during which Franz led the audience in sequenced clapping and chanting. Stuck Between Stations continued the encore as the band tore through the songs with previously unseen fervor and intensity. After a one-two punch of Southtown Girls and the nine minute long Killer Parties the band left the stage with a loop of feedback running that still wasn’t quite as loud as the crowd. Another six minutes of chanting, yelling and applause brought the band back out for a second encore. Craig Finn came out and said, ” We thought we were done… This one’s about rising again” and they launched into their final song, How a Resurrection Really Feels”. 

A few festival dates and the band are back in Philadelphia for a special show with Sonic Youth @ The TLA on the 29th. After that they head across the pond for two months of dates in England, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, France and Ireland. 


Here’s the set list:


Constructive Summer

You Gotta Dance 

You Can Make Him Like You

Sequestered In Memphis

Chips Ahoy

Curves and Nerves*

Massive Nights

Party Pit 

The Swish 

One For the Cutters 


Girls Like Status

Chillout Tents

Ask Her For Some Adderrall

Lord I’m Discouraged 

Yeah Sapphire 

Your little Hoodrat Friend

Slapped Actress 


Encore one:

Stay Postive 

Stuck Between Stations

Southtown Girls

Killer Parties


Encore Two:

How A Resurrection Really Feels


Take a listen to one of the night’s anthems.

Stay Positive




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