3 08 2008

        On July 31st, 2008 the house voted to allow the FDA to create an agency to regulate the tobacco industry. The measure, as one could have expected, has been met by outrage in the smoking public (by those who know). The bill does not give the power to eliminate nicotine or the product on the whole but it would ban the sale and production of flavored cigarettes such as cloves and vanilla cigarettes. In a last minute change of heart, menthols were exempted from the bill with the agreement that a recommendation be made on their legality within one year. Menthols reportedly make up for one quarter of all cigarette sales and are generally marketed towards two specific groups, young teens and African-American smokers.


Other regulations and rules under the bill:

-All outdoor advertisements would be limited to black and white to reduce their visual appeal.

-Warning labels on cigarettes would no longer include text warnings but graphic pictures of tumors.

-The usage of terms like, “light and ultra light” would be eliminated.

It might be the beginning of the end for smokers. As the years have passed many cities have banned smoking in restaurants and bars, even in Paris. 

Here is an article from The New York Times regarding menthols

(You might have to be a member of The New York Times Online to view the link. With anyone .edu email account you can get membership for free!)

A song just for you…

Dramarama-Last Cigarette




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