I Don’t Know Where the Summer Goes.

29 08 2008

Summer has come and gone. School has begun and the time to disperse has arrived once again. There aren’t too many coherent thoughts to put into text about what exactly happened during the summer. There were dance parties, and a lot of coffee. More on the summer to come soon…

Until then, here’s my own personal Cd Length playlist regarding my Constructive Summer. It’s a little silly and a little bit obnoxious at times. It was sequenced in the course of about five minutes and doesn’t go well together, it doesn’t make logical sense and it doesn’t have any sort of merit as to “what’s hip” these days. It just sums it all up. Fabakis, farewell and good luck


1. The Hold Steady- Constructive Summer

2. Okkervil River- Lost Coastlines

3. Uffie- Pop the Glock

4. Fall on Your Sword- Love is the Drug

5. Cut Copy- Far Away

6. Of Montreal- Labyrinthian Pomp

7. Death Cab for Cutie- Your New Twin Sized Bed

8. Belle & Sebastian= I Know Where the Summer Goes

9. Wolf Parade- We Built Another World

10. The Mountain Goats- Wild Sage

11. Wilco & Billy Bragg- Remember the Mountain Bed

12. Deerhoof- Siriustar

13. No Age- Sleeper Hold

14. Times New Viking- Drop Out

15. Thao Nyguen- Tally Marks

16. Noah & The Whale- 2 Bodies 1 Heart

17. Bill Fay- Be Not So Fearful

18. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy- Missing One

19. Blitzen Trapper- Furr

20. Madvillain- Great Day Today

21. The Walkmen- In the New Year

22. Sam Cooke- I’ll Come Running Back to You.




A nutty ending to malnutrition

21 08 2008

For once there is a positive story to the situation of malnutrition in third world nations. The solution to ending worldwide malnutrition may be due to a peanut based food source that is inexpensive to make, and even simpler to use. The food source is called Plumpy’nut, and it may revolutionize how medicine treats malnutrition. Dr. Milton Tectonidis, the chief nutritionist for doctors without borders states that, “it’s a revolution in nutritional affairs . . . in three weeks we can cure a kid looking like they’re have dead, we can cure them just like an antibiotic.”   


Plumpy’nut has been created in order to help the malnourished children of third world countries. It doesn’t require refrigeration, water or cooking. Each packet has the equivalence of a glass of milk and multivitamins. It also contains all the other supplements necessary to help keep a child nourished.

While some may be skeptical, there have been success stories in Niger and other African nations as well. The total price is extremely cheap to make, with a four week supply being no more than 35$. If developed nations only used a half a percentage of the GDP they could help supply the countries that need this support.

The world has an opportunity to rid the world of malnutrition, I urge everyone to speak up about this new food source and what it can achieve.

Who said sailing is fine?

20 08 2008

As the election gets closer and closer everyone becomes an expert. Here’s your chance to win a $500 gift card from Best Buy through The Washington Post’s electoral map contest. Pick each state’s winner and see how you do. You’ll find the contest on the front page of the post’s website.

Also, as the release date for Okkervil River’s latest album draws near the band have set up a youtube channel to hype the new tracks. Below are three videos the first of which is an introduction to the channel followed by the trailer for the album. After those two, if you’re still here, is the first of the 8 videos (I’m assuming that the instrumental interludes aren’t going to be covered. That’s a safe assumption. Right?) which features A.C Newman (New Pornographers) singing Lost Coastlines with Sheff. As much as i’ve come to dislike the New Porno’s, the video is a lovely start of the series and I look forward to seeing the rest of the album done by new people. 
It’s hump day and it’s time to go to sleep. It’s 4:19 in the morning. 



In Five Years Time….

18 08 2008

It’s Monday again and the place is a mess. Three or four games of risk and a little too much conversation, in combination with a 9:30 wake up from the dog have left me holding my eyes open before dinner rolls around. 

So now for the news…

Pitchfork awards The Walkmen’s new album You & Me the title of Best New Music. Buy it here for only $5

* David Byrne and Brian Eno’s latest offering is now available in digital and hard copy form. Check it Out

* Chuck Klosterman discusses opinions online at Esquire

* Okkervil River’s new album The Stand In’s is now available for pre-order at Insound

* Emmanuel Adebayor has signed a long-term deal with Arsenal keeping him put for the foreseeable future.


Below are two songs to kick off the week. Be sure to listen to Curves and Nerves a pretty much unknown new song by The Hold Steady!


Noah & The Whale- 5 Years Time

The Hold Steady- Curves and Nerves

Oh! Darling

16 08 2008

Paul Westerberg lives in a world somewhere below the mainstream. Passed down by college kids via their walkmen, cd players and now their ipods, he’s something of a legend. Replacements fame and a successful solo career have garnered him a large cult following and allowed him to reap the benefits of an almost thirty year career while remaining that cult figure.His latest release 49:00 (which was actually 43:55 in length) had as many beautiful throwback moments as it did confusing blunders in it’s production. Songs overlapped, sometimes over took one another and at times he’d throw in a few seconds of a cover. The album was greeted with generally positive reviews and was hailed as a comeback of sorts for the Replacements troubadour. However, the album was recently pulled off of sites like amazon.com over copyright issues. This is where it gets interesting… As 49:00 was taken off of the net, 5:05 was released. 5:05 is single song that Westerberg wrote and probably recorded in his basement while laughing to himself, possibly before 49:00. Is the former Replacements singer really this smart? Is this all a big joke? 

Here are three things to consider from AD because they’re much more driven individuals:



1. A sped-up vocal sample at the beginning that is an excerpt from an Adolf Hitler speech, followed by commentary of some sort about the speech and its fascist meanings. Is this, perhaps, a commentary by Paul about copyright restrictions? If so, he may have already lost his argument via Godwin’s Law.

2. The lyrics of the chorus, though not officially available anywhere and somewhat garbled, seem to say: “If they wanna sue me / can’t see through me / they’ve got a law suit / I’ve got a swim suit / all the girls and guys / enjoy the 5:05.” Depending on when this song was recorded, it points toward Westerberg having put it in reserve for the, possibly, inevitable cease and desist order over the album. And thus leading to this song being made available. The lyrics do change a bit throughout the song – “enjoy the 5:05″ definitely becomes “join the 5:05″ at a later point, for instance – but the overall feel of the lyrics stays the same.

3. Finally, and most importantly, we get a repeated shout of “fuck you” under the repeated chant of “5:05″ as the song winds to a close. This would seem like nothing more than just a smarmy, caustic end to the song if this obvious petulance wasn’t followed by an insidiously subtle one – the track cuts off right as Westerberg sings and plays a warped version of the opening line of the Beatles’ “Oh! Darling.” This is important for two reason – first, it’s a direct slap at the lawsuit/cease and desist action over his medley of similarly broken, short chunks of other famous songs from 49:00 and second, “Oh! Darling” is the Beatles song that the Replacements famously lifted, practically in its entirety, musically, for their song “Mr. Whirly” on the Hootenanny album. As a dig at the copyright issue, as well as a call back to his days in the Replacements, it could not be better performed.

If this song was, indeed, recorded ahead of time, knowing full and well that 49:00 was likely to get pulled, it’s a childish, bratty and completely hilarious stunt. It’s everything we always thought of when it came to the Replacements and it’s a thrill to see that Paul is still capable of doing just those sort of things. – j.neas




Now, for twice as much as the 49 cent 49:00 go buy the 99 cent 5:05. 

Paul Westerberg – 5:05

DC’s pretty heavy

15 08 2008

Oh man. One hour and forty-eight minutes of screaming, jumping and high fives among crowd members almost killed me. A sore back and a tired voice are both acceptable things to take home after such an amazing show, in fact, i’m pretty sure that everyone that was there feels about the same right about now. The band was tighter than ever on what was their last show of their summer tour in the states. The set, which is listed below, drew heavily from Boys and Girls and their latest Stay Positive. They even threw, excuse the pun, Curves and Nerves into the set, a song not yet played for an audience. Every song in their set had every single person (minus the couple in front of me who were on the border of reality and Hold Steady land) dancing and singing along. The set ended with an extended version of Slapped Actress followed immediately by five or six minutes of screaming and applause which brought the band back to the stage. The first encore began with Stay Positive during which Franz led the audience in sequenced clapping and chanting. Stuck Between Stations continued the encore as the band tore through the songs with previously unseen fervor and intensity. After a one-two punch of Southtown Girls and the nine minute long Killer Parties the band left the stage with a loop of feedback running that still wasn’t quite as loud as the crowd. Another six minutes of chanting, yelling and applause brought the band back out for a second encore. Craig Finn came out and said, ” We thought we were done… This one’s about rising again” and they launched into their final song, How a Resurrection Really Feels”. 

A few festival dates and the band are back in Philadelphia for a special show with Sonic Youth @ The TLA on the 29th. After that they head across the pond for two months of dates in England, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, France and Ireland. 


Here’s the set list:


Constructive Summer

You Gotta Dance 

You Can Make Him Like You

Sequestered In Memphis

Chips Ahoy

Curves and Nerves*

Massive Nights

Party Pit 

The Swish 

One For the Cutters 


Girls Like Status

Chillout Tents

Ask Her For Some Adderrall

Lord I’m Discouraged 

Yeah Sapphire 

Your little Hoodrat Friend

Slapped Actress 


Encore one:

Stay Postive 

Stuck Between Stations

Southtown Girls

Killer Parties


Encore Two:

How A Resurrection Really Feels


Take a listen to one of the night’s anthems.

Stay Positive

Wedding Cake

14 08 2008

Oh Fabakis… 

Some Not a lot of News/like three videos/Tour Dates

^HipHopopotamus (sp?) vs. Rhymenoceros  

The Hold Steady to play dates with The Counting Crowes? Read more


9-24: Ben Folds @ DAR Constitution Hall

10-14: Ray Lamontagne @ Strathmore

11-18: Robyn Hitchcock @ Birchmere !!!!!!!!



Listen to this:

Speechwriters LLC- Wedding Cake