The Avalanches

31 07 2008

The Fabakis blog knew about The Avalanches new release a whole day earlier than Pitchfork.

And now for their writeup:

Avalanches Putting “Finishing Touches” on Second LP

Avalanches Putting "Finishing Touches" on Second LPWith just six words, a number, and a whole bunch of exclamation points, the Avalanches have managed to pretty much double the collective heart rate here at Pitchfork World Headquarters. Read it and rejoice, folks:

“putting the finishing touches on album 2 !!!!!!!!!”

Those words come straight from the MySpace of the sample-happy Australian set. For those keeping score, the Earth has not been blessed with an Avalanches record since 2000 barnstormer Since I Left You (released in 2001 in the States and the UK).

Will the new offering, whenever it actually does come out, be “so fuckin party you will die”?? Man I hope not, ’cause I’d kinda like to listen to it more than once.




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