Fresh new face

31 07 2008

Hello, I am flawedsoliloquey otherwise known as Davey. I am most likely the least creative of the members of my illustrious group of melancholic, yet sweet friends.  This is the closest I will ever do to a formal introduction, so here it goes.

I don’t know much about blogs, as I don’t know much about computers. My friends claim I am a “Caveman” when it comes to anything technological in general, for instance, writing on this blog as you read is an acheivement in itself.

I am no writer, and all my friends can vouche for that, however I do hope my posts can provide clear, knowledgable, yet concise information on whatever it is we are discusing or is brought up.

I was born and raised in the Washington D.C. suburbs and am currently a sophomore at a fairly large University in Philadelphia (thankfully it’s not Penn). My philosophy is quite different than that of my friends, being a nursing student I don’t have the opportunity to divulge ideas into a million little pieces. I see things and either get it or don’t.

However my advice for this blog is similar to those posted over the past few days. Albums, movies, and books, there is no particular order.


Cider House Rules

Almost Famous

The Lion in Winter


The Creek Drank the Cradle- Iron & Wine

Transit Byzantium- Bill Fox

Highway 61 Revisited- Bob Dylan

Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie

Almost Killed Me- The Hold Steady

A.M.- Wilco

We Are Selling This CD For Gas Money – Speechwriters LLC


A Hundred Years of Solitude- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

A Confederacy of Dunces- John Kennedy Toole

Everything Is Illuminated- Jonathan Safran Foer

Cat’s Cradle- Kurt Vonnegut

Black Like Me- John Howard Griffin

This is just a small list, and selected few. Welcome! Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.




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