Dear sir…

31 07 2008

Hi all. This is Jim, or, if necessary, westsideheights. This should be the last of these inane intro posts; apologies to the three people who read this blog. I probably won’t be a frequent contributor here, since, like Zach, I try to avoid saying anything that isn’t a fully formed thought, and I don’t have too many of those. When I do post, however, I’ll be doing fun and innovative things like using semi-colons and talking about things besides the hold steady. Thrilling!

And now follows the obligatory list of favorite things, by no means complete or in order, as always:

Albums: Elliott Smith-Either/Or; Neutral Milk Hotel-In an Aeroplane Over The Sea; Bob Dylan-Blood On The Tracks; The Roots-Do You Want More??!?!!?; Iron & Wine-The Shepherd’s Dog; Wilco-Summerteeth; Radiohead-Kid A; Modest Mouse- Building Nothing Out Of Something

Literature: The Economist newspaper; Swann’s Way-Marcel Proust; Crime & Punishment-Fyodor Dostoevsky; To The Lighthouse- Virginia Woolf; The Great Gatsby-F. Scott Fitzgerald; The Snows Of Kilimanjaro- Ernest Hemingway; One Hundred Years Of Solitude-Gabriel Garcia Marquez (though I haven’t finished it yet)

Movies: Wall-E/Ratatouille; High Fidelity; There Will Be Blood; Apocalypse Now; Snatch; Love Actually





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