(Can)ned Heat: The sound of an ex-substitute teacher

30 07 2008

Take a cooking class in Mountmarte. It’s really the only thing that anyone has to do in life.


Fish with a mussels/white wine/saffron sauce  

Le Bob Cool: The St.Germain dive bar          

A building in Aix en Provence


After a relaxing two weeks in France i’ve arrived home. The trip was comprised of four nights in Paris, two in Beaune, one in Avignon, another two in Aix en Provence, a day in Marseille and two to finish it up in Nice. Now that Fabakis is more or less home, for better or for worse, the blogging continues. A birthday party, some loitering, and mexican food have all but reminded me of real life again. A walk around the block with the dog and a quick trip out for a bagel further cemented that notion. Here i am.


“It was song number three on John’s last cd

Going to make it through this year

If it kills me, and it almost killed me.”


Ok… So here it goes

The lines above are from Girls Like Status by the Hold Steady. It’s no secret that this blog adores and cherishes The Hold Steady and that we hang on Craig Finn’s every line. Now to take that one step further i’ve done a tad bit of research. As i bought Get Lonely, a Mountain Goats record, i found myself delving through their prior and more recent works. On their 2005 release, The Sunset Tree, John Darnielle’s track three is titled “This Year”. Whether it’s autobiographical or not, the song’s plot is easily imagined. A seventeen year old kid and his car, a girl named Cathy and some scotch. In TMG song he sings,

“I am going to make it through this year if it kills me”


What a small world.

And for your listening pleasure:


Mountatin Goats-this-year




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