Recording-France… Truly, Madly, Completely

11 07 2008

Cameroonians, Cameroites, Cameroonies? Regardless of which is correct, the people from Cameroon in attendance tonight at work did not appreciate nor did they enjoy the house music that i had pre-selected for last night’s event. The playlist contained The Hold Steady’s new album and Of Montreal… Who would’ve thought that Cameroon____ would not be appreciative of such a great band and that the two could hold their own (steady) on a playlist.

Recording begins in eight and a half hours on the next big thing at Fabakis, Soldier on Dear Friend. Yay! Soon to follow the weekend of recording is a nice week and a half break from suburbia. A trip out of town and across the ocean to the lovely country of France. Four days in Paris, another four or five in and around Burgundy and then finally a few days in Nice to round out the trip.

To keep folks interested here are four random songs for your listening pleasure. Herein lies a track from the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos album and a live recording from the rain-drenched Radiohead show at Nissan from this past May. Then comes The Hold Steady’s cover of “Take me out to the Ball Game”, which was  recorded specially for the Twins last year and Australia’s favorite sons  giving you,

“a new beginning

a reason for living

A deeper meaning, yea”




Wilco-Alone (YHF Demos)

Radiohead-Idioteque (Live at Nissan Pavillion)

The Hold Steady- Take me Out to the Ball Game

Savage Garden-Truly, Madly, Deeply




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