10 07 2008



A recording studio, musical collective, record label, sandwich shop, basement, group of friends, and now a blog.

Established during middle school, Fabakis (For Asians by Asian Kids in Sweatshops) was originally created as a shirt company to raise awareness about sweatshop labor in Asian countries. Over the course of four years our interests changed and the shirts were abandoned. At some point during that time we took the metro to Takoma Park, MD to a small club called the Electric Maid. After seeing the ska band Rudy take the stage we decided to start our very own recording studio/ label under the name Fabakis. Several albums, EPs and relationships later we’re still doing the same thing in the same place, albeit slightly more official. 

Now some pictures




The White Room:

Our band’s practice space for four years

A set list from a show circa 2006?

Band Practice

Shoes and Leaves

Polaroid group shot from last summer                 

Coffee, cheesecake & cigarettes at an all night diner


Here are two songs to listen/download:


Download:Hercules and the Love Affair-Hercules_theme 

Download: Of Montreal-labyrinthian-pomp




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